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Tips For Starting Your Own Company

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they wish to set up their own company. The start-up craze is here and people are successfully earning name and profits in a short time. Thanks to the Internet and the development of technological sources, establishing a start-up is not a difficult task provided you have the dream to work hard and the ambition to make it big!

When it comes to start-ups, it is important for you to always engage in some research. You should never rush through the start-up process as there are several things that have to be taken into consideration. With the right guidance and tips from an expert like Anthony Coutsoukesa technological buff who is working on his own start-up you can head in the right direction and start making it big.

The following are some basic tips that he gives newcomers who are keen and enthusiastic to begin their own companies-

  • It is very important for you to have a clear vision of goals and all the things that you want to do. With the passage of time and after keeping track of the changing market conditions, it is important for you to change these strategies and goals so that you can adjust your business to the needs of the hour. Your vision should not change and it must be rigid. Like for instance, if you are developing cell phone cases, you must ensure that in the next five months you will increase your customer base by 5 customers. You may have another vision to employ 2 more people in the next one year. In short, he says you must think about expansion and growth. You should have an ambition and this should be big.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Yes, you must start small and gradually you will find yourself growing fast. If you are working, it is important not to give up the full-time job and place all your savings in the venture. You have to prove to yourself that the idea you have is sound and you like doing the work. This will keep you motivated and with the passage of time, you effectively will see that your dreams are becoming a reality. Once, you have things in place and you can afford leaving your job, you should do so. You may also invest and expand in the business venture thereafter!
  • Last but not the least, Anthony Coutsoukes says that you must develop a unique selling proposition. Now, this does not mean that the product or the service that you are selling should not be unique. You should be able to explain to the customer why he or she should pay for your product or your service. There are three golden rules that work in this respect. Your product could be cheaper, better or different otherwise there is no other reason why your customer will buy your product or service.


To ensure success, it is esential to work on your USP and try to promote it in a positive manner so that you can start getting customers and business without hassles!


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