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Tips for choosing a condo unit floor plan 

Buying a condo that is constructed beforehand is indeed a reliable investment and a significant decision. The prices of the condo in Singapore are getting significantly high, that’s why the buyers are more inclined to purchase it for dwelling and investment purposes. When going for a pre-developed condo, you won’t be able to get a view of your units and you will have to rely on the floor plans and drawings.

You should view those maps and draw very carefully. All the precious information is usually concealed beneath them. There are some tips, to help you select the best floor plan in a pre-constructed condo:

  1. Smaller square footage

Because of the high-priced real estate, most of the pre-constructed condos are made up of small square footage. But the contractors try overcompensating with a huge rooftop space and a balcony. These types of condos have a larger terrace or balcony.

Moreover, you can make use of small square areas too hence they don’t get wasted. Try searching the Amber Sea floor plan for the best unit floor plan of a condo.

Most of the pre-constructed condo units are structured by the geometrical frame of the whole building. And it looks appealing in the sight of buyers. But some of them also consider it as a waste area and get confused in finding a piece of suitable furniture to fit in the condo.

  1. Narrow corners and columns

Several condos come up with several small corners and spaces that are uneasy to be used. Although, while seeing it for the first time, it will look appealing to you. But in the end, it becomes of no use.

  1. Extra corridor area

Most of us for the first time think that the extra corridor spaces are good to go, but that is not the reality.

In many cases, the inner living rooms are compromised to donate extra area to the corridors. You need to have an extra area in your bedroom kitchen, living space, but not in the corridor. Large living spaces are the center of attraction so it’s better to add beauty and comfort to your condo by choosing a larger living space but a smaller corridor area.

Amber Sea floor’s plan has been structured in the same manner to enhance the essential spaces of your unit.

  1. Bad views or exposure

You must always select a condo that provides a pleasant outer view and which gives you enough amount of ventilation in your condo. This is an important consideration as the more ventilated space will be there in your condo; it will stay more breathable and fresh. You can search Amber Sea floor plan to know more.

Henceforth, they are the important consideration you should keep in your mind while choosing the right floor plan for you. As a floor plan is a very first thing you see, it would be of no means arriving there for show flat services without even examining the floor plan properly.



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