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a PDPA training course

Management Development Institute of Singapore is Singapore’s aged non-profit proficient institute for lifelong learning. It has two main subsidiaries – Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd. Its function is to oversee its Singapore Academic Operations and one is MDIS international Pte Ltd that focuses on MDIS’s globalization strategy. MDIS offers courses that are internationally accredited in Business a d management, Jewelry design, fashion, health and nursing, IT, communication, tourism, life sciences media, language education, and safety and environmental management.

Highly vested in corporate level training, the Management Development and Consultancy career the training needs of the workforce. For example, a PDPA training course was developed under the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) skills framework for ICT. This was brought to equip DPOs with basic skills and knowledge of the PDPA. Except for Data Protection Officers, this course can also be attended by Privacy or Legal Counsels, lawyers, Human Resources, IT professionals who handle personal data.

In the PDPA, the government of Singapore has defined 8 commitments that companies collecting and storing personal data of the population must follow. With the charges of only $750.00, Assure Safety proposes this tremendous course to provide its participants with great knowledge and understanding of PDPA.

In 2014, it acquired the Service Quality Centre to diversify its contribution to various training solutions. It is providing quality training in its endeavor to be the foremost provider of training-related solutions in the region.

WSH Policies 

The management development Institute of Singapore and its subsidiaries are engaged to meet regulatory and statuary requirements through the exhibition of responsibility for the safety and health of workers, suppliers, contractors, visitors, and even the students in the work environment.

To accomplish workplace safety and health guidelines the management shall aim to-

  • Prevent the occurrence of ill health and incidents
  • Eliminates all hazards at the workplace to ensure the safety and health of every person present there.
  • Provide adequate knowledge, training, and supervision of all workers to attain workplace safety and health guidelines Continually improve the effectiveness of workplace safety and the network of health management.
  • Comply with all the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

The WSH objectives are as follows- 

  • Less than ten none reportable incidents every year
  • Zero legality, no compliance
  • Zero reportable incidents

Different roles within the Workplace safety and health Act

The WSH act seems to provide good safety and health practices in all companies and working individuals, extending from the top authority to the last worker down. Everyone should carry reasonably possible steps according to their capacity to shorten and manage exposure to WSH risks at the workplace. Section 3.1.1 to 3.1.4 of the WSH act detailed the WSH responsibilities of different roles. Depending on the arrangement and contractual arrangement of the work activity, different stakeholders may take different duties as stated in the WSH act.

3.1.1 Occupier

3.1.2 Principal

3.1.3 Employer

3.1.4 Employees

These sections put light on some of the activities that may be accepted by the security officers, their possible threats, and restraint measures by different stakeholders.



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