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Employing a Maid in Singapore for the first time? Here a Few Things to Consider

With so much negative news around the world, it is no wonder that choosing a maid service is a difficult task.

However, with various maid agencies, it is now easy to hire a reliable maid agency who is perfect for all your house chores. With proper background checks and preparation, you can be assured that you have made the right choice.

In this article, you will come across some tips that will help in choosing the right maid in Singapore.

  • List your expectations

Before you start the search, it is essential to make a list of attributes you want in your maid.

Also, know the purpose of getting a maid because all this will help you when you go through various bio-data. It is necessary for you to show the list to the maid agency so that it becomes easy to find the right maid. If you are looking for a helper after given birth, you might want to consider a confinement nanny.

  • Check the credentials of the agency

When hiring a maid, you must always check the background of the agency. It is always better to choose an agency based on the suggestion of your friend or close family members.

It is often said that maid agencies are easy to set up due to which it is always better to choose the popular and reputed ones.

In case, you are looking for a licensed and trustworthy maid agency in Singapore then Finest is a one-stop solution.

  • Pay attention to the statistics on the agency 

There are several maid agencies in Singapore that have high turnover. On the other hand, some have a high accident rate. This is the reason; you must always get the statistics and ask questions.

Until and unless the maid agency has a high success rate, you must never choose it for hiring a maid.

  • Go for a proper background check 

If she is a transfer maid then it is important to know about her employment history in Singapore. Make sure that the agency provides you answer to the questions like whether the maid you are planning to hire is a good domestic helper or not why did the employer not renew her contract.

In case, the maid is new to Singapore then you must check her situation back home so that no complications take place in the future.

  • Always interview your potential maid 

It is necessary for you to speak to your potential maid once and ask questions vital to you with regards to her personality, family, child care as well as expectations. In case, you are planning to hire a transfer maid then it is always better to bring the maid to your home for a few hours so that she can meet the rest of your family.

Therefore, the above-stated are a few things that you must consider without any fail in order to hire the best and reliable maid in Singapore.





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