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Law System in Singapore

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Singapore is an island city-state in the south eastern part of Asia. After gaining independence, the city is known for its transformation into a highly developed country in a short amount of time.

The founding Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew is given credit for this massive progress in the development of the city-state. It has become a centre of attraction for tourists around the world for its magnificent locales and exotic cuisines. It has developed splendidly in almost all sectors, one of the main being the city’s fair and brilliant law system.

Importance of the Rule of the Laws

As we all know. The rule of law is very important in every place in the world. Every place on this planet is governed and managed by some form of rules and laws which are followed by its residents. Law is necessary to be implemented as it acts as a standard parameter on how to behave in a civil society.

Laws protect the general public and looks after their safety and security. It provides every citizen, organisation with some basic rights and ensures that the government works for the benefit of the common people.

Without any form of law, the country can enter into a state of chaos with citizens ending up harming one another because of conflicts arising between different communities.

The law system in Singapore mostly derives from the English legal system. Over the years, many laws in the country have been modified and new rules have also been made. The Executive, Judiciary and the Legislature make up the three organs of the legal system, as laid down by the constitution.

The Executive comprises the President, Attorney-General and the Cabinet of ministers, including the Prime Minister. The legislature consists of the President and the Parliament. They are mainly responsible for the legislation, that is, the process of making or sanctioning laws.

Th Judiciary is the body consisting of the Supreme Courts, headed by the Chief Justice, and the State courts. The legal system in the country is one of the most amazing aspects. Law systems are divided into common law, civil law, criminal law, corporate law, etc.

How Criminal Law is Handled?

The corporate law scenario in Singapore is a magnificent feat. The legal companies in the city-state are filled with the most professional lawyers. One such entity is the Essex Court Chambers Duxton. They are experts in many fields of law such as financial litigation, corporate and commercial law, arbitration, public law, international law, etc.

In some cases, they handle criminal law as well. The advocates of the firm are trained to deliver the best result for their client and works for customers, both on home soil as well as internationally. Thus, with firms like these, legal cases are carried out with the utmost professionalism and respect for the rule of law.

Final word

Thus, we see from Essex Court Chambers Duxton that the city-state of Singapore has an impressive legal system. With immense progress in recent years, Singapore is slowly becoming the global leaders in almost every field, from the law system to the tourism sector.

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Do You Live In A Good Suburb In Adelaide?


I live in Adelaide, South Australia, I would say it’s a good place to live, especially for children and the elder. Howevery, there is nothing perfect in the world, a good city has bad places, which you should choose and which should avoid?

More information, you can visit:

There are four standard sorts of country territories in Adeliade and most homes will fit into one of these orders. Just comprehend which lifestyle suits you best and you’re made a beeline for finding the ideal suburb.

Are you married or single?

Some suburbs are suitable for couples and some are suitable for singles.


In case you require a sparkling night life, present day courtesies at your door and to be in the focal point of everything that is going ahead in your city, then picking a suburb that is close to the CBD is incredible move. Theater, unrecorded music, wonderful diners and every day incitement agreeable front gateway, that is run of the mill of the Inner City suburb.

Vogue urban

If you adore the vitality and night life of the inner city yet can’t hack up the coin to live there, then the Trendy Urban suburb may be the perfect spot for you. Upscale Urban country territories are still adequately near the city to catch all the action of the splendid lights however can be somewhat more reasonable and family amicable.

These provincial regions have a tendency to have weekend produce markets, little bits of hip diners and tolerable neighborhood schools. In vogue Urban rustic territories are the ideal spot for energetic families to make the move from childless living to family fun.

Home benevolent

The family friendly suburb is perfect for more prominent families, perhaps with youngsters in auxiliary school, who require groups of space. Acquiring property in a family friendly suburb is for the most part entirely reasonable and you’ll get something twofold the size and fresh out of the plastic new at the same expense as a shabby, two room, 1960s town house in a Trendy Urban suburb.

Family Friendly provincial ranges are for the most part close significant strip mall focuses and respectable supermarkets. They moreover generally speaking have extraordinary transport choices for kids embarking to and from school or diversion rehearse. The Family Friendly suburb is a more quiet, greater and less city-driven option than the Trendy Urban suburb

Outside country

The Outer Rural zone is perfect for individuals who love nature, outside air, peace and quiet and brilliant points of view. Whether it’s nearby brier, sea or farmland, the Outer Rural extent is the spot you should be on the off chance that you’re slanting toward to a slower, more settled life a long way from the buzzing about of the city.

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