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Successful and Unsuccessful Planning in a New Building: How to Determine

Do not be seduced by the size of the apartment

If the housing is large, do not rush to buy it in a hurry. An impressive square is not an indicator of comfort. Often, in new houses, everything is not thought out to the smallest detail. Calculate the entire usable area of ​​the kitchen and rooms – these will be the real squares where you will live. Consider the amount of taxes, because you have to pay for every centimetre. And also, the dimensions of the apartment mean a long cleaning (unless, of course, you have a maid). Fortunately, new buildings in Singapore are very diverse and you have many options for buying a home. Take a closer look, get advice before suddenly buying real estate.

Canninghill Piers new launch condo is offering 1-to-5-bedroom apartments to its residents. The size of each condominium is mentioned on the website. 5-minute walkaway distance to Canning Park, Artisan’s garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Spice Garden, first botanic Garden and Pancur Larangan makes it an ideal choice for nature lovers. The surrounding area is filled with walking trails and exotic plants.

See your life in this apartment

Drawing on a diagram is one thing; your imagination is another. Come to the apartment you like, take a closer look and imagine how you will live here, whether it will be comfortable to cook in the kitchen, where you will sleep, whether there will be a room for the baby (if you plan), where you will place friends or guests for the night. In the layout of the new building, you can make changes, adjustments for your convenience. River Valley is an infrastructural city, and so many new buildings have been prepared for you!

Ideal if you have:

  • Basement of the house (if you choose the 1st floor);
  • Loggia or balcony;
  • Wardrobe or storage room;
  • Spacious kitchen for 10-12 sq.m .;
  • More than one bathroom.

Why should you invest in Canninghill Piers?

Canninghill Piers new launch condo is one of the best locations in the world when it comes to real estate investment. It is divided into 3 regions by URA-RCR, CCR and OCR.

The core central region (CCR) includes deluxe and high-end properties for rent and sale. Canninghill Piers comes under CCR region as it is located in district 09. It is an upcoming integrated development project located in the vicinity of Clarke Quay. The residential complex includes 700 units well-equipped with premium amenities.

  • Canninghill Piers new launch condo is located in District 09 of River Valley. Owing a condominium in River Valley means staying close to the luxurious facilities of Singapore. Shopping centres, MRT stations, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, parks and places of worship- all destinations sit close to Canninghill Piers.
  • River Valley is packed with reputed hospitals and medical facilities like Camden Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles. Living in Canninghill Piers means a secured future for residents in all aspects.
  • The strategic location of Canninghill Piers offers enhanced connectivity to the central area through MRT station, Circle Line MRT station and Thomson East Coast Line.
  • Swimming pool, boutiques, cafes, fitness centre, sports facilities, new corridors, green spaces and parks are some of the major highlights of Canninghill Piers.
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How two-level Apartments are Beneficial for You?

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Two-level housing is considered expensive and successfully competes with large penthouses. For some buyers, opting for such an option becomes a great deal, while others are afraid of apartments on 2 floors, like fire.

If you are one of those who wish to own a luxurious or high standard apartment then our suggestion for you is to visit Canninghill Piers website and get the best deal.

The situation on the real estate market among developers is also ambiguous. As demand correlates with supply, this topic becomes interesting for buyers. In today’s article, real estate experts will try to deal with all the advantages of such square meters.

Advantages: Two-level apartments:

  1. Comfortable layouts: The standard of two-level housing is the availability of only 1-2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on top. In this case, you don’t have to go up or down several times a day.
  2. Functional zones: From above, instead of a bedroom, you can set up a study or living room with a cinema, game console, books, etc.
  3. Increased living space: Many customers like the feeling of freedom and a large number of spacious rooms and to get such an apartment, the best is to see the developers involved in Canninghill Piers.
  4. It is easy to arrange housing: In large apartments on the 2nd level, you can implement any design and make all dreams come true, for example, to make a wardrobe or a winter garden.
  5. High social status: Buying such housing, the investor instantly falls into the category of favourites. The apartment on the top floor of the property speaks of affluence and a certain taste.
  6. Savings on furniture: You don’t have to buy expensive sofas, cupboards and tables. You can do a small set of furniture and spend quite a bit. As a result, a chic two-level apartment will look like a penthouse from Hollywood movies.
  7. Installation of panoramic windows: The upper floors and large spaces are the perfect combination to create a unique apartment. Here you can install quality panoramic windows from the ceiling to the floor and enjoy a great view of the city or green area.

But it is worth remembering that mounting panoramic windows on two level apartments is not recommended, to avoid suffering from large heat loss.

  1. There are no neighbours on top: The investor will never again suffer from the noise of the neighbourhood children. In addition, residents are protected from floods and constant renovation of expensive repairs. Of course, this plus applies to any option on the top floor.
  2. Less dust and noise from the street: Accommodation at the top gives not only good visibility, but also more protected from dirt, car exhaust, noise from the playground.
  3. There is an opportunity to install a fireplace: Some houses have options for fans of large spaces. For example, the developer for an additional fee will prepare ventilation under a real wood-burning fireplace.

However, there is a con as well in buying a top floor apartment, and that is:

The presence of a ladder: Such an element can become a bright stylistic part of the interior, but for most it causes a lot of inconvenience. Especially when it comes to the elderly or young children. Retirees and those who have experienced trauma or have health problems will not be able to use the top floor frequently. For kids, stairs can be a factor in increased injury. In addition, the steps take up to 10% of the useful area.

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Chase Rubin Highlights The Importance Of Planning In Real Estate Business

Planning has become a considerable part in the development of varied kind of real estate properties whether the commercial or residential ones. It actually forms the base of any property as the real estate developers concentrate mainly upon the exteriors and interior designing of the property so as to increase its value. The stress is laid from the very foundation of the property till it gets complete and is ready for usage. In this event, before taking up any property in the respective city, Chase Rubin states that the clients should take an advice from the professionals.

Why is planning the key consideration?

The planning for any property is a key point for the engineers, urban planners and the architects who take every step seriously as they know the infrastructure can only get approved with the influential and concrete designs. Chase Rubin states that the planning process of the property can be a part of building layouts, road walks, sidewalks etc. which is a necessity of any commercial or residential project.

In this regard, there are many considerable points which a person has to take under consideration before letting it out to the investors or individuals for a residential purpose. Some of the points are explained here:-

  • The foremost point for planning is to make it in a livable condition for the residential investors and the commercial investors too if they want to occupy the property for the official purpose.

  • The property should be made in such a way that whether the transportation should be included in the property designing or whether it is just open for the pedestrians only and private vehicles.

  • For increasing the value of the property, it is mainly seen that the artifacts or aesthetic designing can be brought into the scene. This not only helps in improving the quality of the property but the value also increases with the big broad gardens, swimming pool and even as the Go Green concept is being introduced that also can be of relevant importance.

  • It is also important for both the planners and real estate developers to work hand in hand while building a specific property. This will be of great help since a bigger area related to the construction of the property can be covered and not only the designing or its construction.

Helps in building clients and reputation

Chase Rubin believes that planning is a key to success and building the reputation of any client in the real estate business. Proper planning of the property also attracts the clients as they will get what is being expected out of a particular property and this will also help in increasing clients and the value of the property. It is also seen that if the planner and the real estate developer both are working hands in hands then there will no chaos and they can also give a great look to the property. In fact, the main aim of every professional is to provide their clients with best of property.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the relevant planning, one can offer great properties at relevant prices.

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Effective Communication Skills For Real Estate

The real estate business involves interacting with people and it is imperative for a real estate agent to have effective communication skills in order to assist his/her client to either sell or purchase an ideal real estate property. In fact, the ability to communicate effective with various parties involved in a real estate deal is the backbone behind the success of a competent real estate agent and can effectively make or break a real estate deal.

Peter Medlyn is a prominent real estate real from Knoxville, Tennessee in America who stands out among the crowd for his exceptional communication skills that has been a catalyst in his success in this highly competitive market. He has been in the real estate business for a number of years and has a vast experience of the prevailing conditions in the market. Along with his amicable nature, his ability to listen and interpret his clients’ messages especially when they cannot express their needs in realty terms goes a long way in assisting his clients to buy their dream homes or sell their property at lucrative prices. His unique communication skills as a real estate agent also help him to secure the trust and assurance of his clients and those around him in such real estate deals.

According to Mr. Medlyn, a person aspiring to be a successful real estate agent needs to have good listening skills. He says that communication not only implies the effectively imparting information to clients and other people but also the ability to receive information from them. A competent real estate agent needs to ask their clients relevant and concise questions, then listen carefully, and interpret the information their clients are telling to him/her. Some of the questions that real estate agent ask their clients relate to their personal finances and kind of property these clients want to buy and sell.

Mr. Medlyn emphasizes that regardless of how effective a real estate agent is as a communicator he/she cannot assist to his/her clients unless they provide him/her with all relevant information he/she needs. To be a competent real estate agent, an aspirant needs know how to extract this information from his/her clients asking key questions on relevant topics that his/her clients may not be comfortable like questions on their financial situation. However, the clients may nevertheless answer such questions to assist the real estate agent to help them find the ideal real estate property or to sell their current property.

Mr. Medlyn goes on to explain that it is imperative for the real estate agent to ask questions about the period within which their clients would like to buy or sell their property and amount of down payment available to them. The question may also relate to whether or not the clients are first-time buyers and about other amenities like schools, shopping and transport facilities in the neighborhood.

Peter Medlyn says a real estate agent also needs effective communication skills when dealing with other parties involved in a real estate deal apart from his/her clients. The ability of a real estate agent to effective and calmly communicate his/her way through obstacles in closing financial negotiations in real estate deal benefits all the parties involved.

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