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Plenty of benefits of using optical fibers over the copper cables

An optical fiber is a cabling technology which uses lights to carry data and voice telecommunications over small and greater distances. Optical fibers have a core which is surrounded by cladding layer which is made up of dielectric material.

The two types of optical fiber cables are as follows-
• Multimode fiber
• Single mode fiber

Single Mode Fiber is used for long distances while the Multimode fiber is used for shorter distances. The laser is used as the light source in the single mode fibers while LED is used in the multimode fibers to create the light impulses.

Earlier copper cables used to be the best choice for communication, networking, and telecommunication but now optical fibers are becoming a greater alternative. Optical cables carry more information than the conventional copper wire because of its higher bandwidth and faster speeds. Also, fiber optics is not subjected to any kind of electromagnetic interference and signal losses because glass doesn’t conduct electricity. Fiber optic cables are thinner, stronger, and lighter than copper cables and hence they don’t need to be replaced or maintained frequently.

Here are the benefits of fiber optic cables over the copper cables-

• Higher Bandwidth- Copper cables are generally designed for voice transmissions and hence have limited bandwidth. The fiber optic cables have the capability of carrying more data because of their higher bandwidth. It is also known that the single mode fiber delivers twice throughput as delivered by the multimode fiber.
• Faster speeds- Fiber optic cables have a core which carries light for data transmission. It allows the optical fibers to carry data at a speed which is just 30 percent lower than the speed of light and a lot more than the copper cable wires. Optical fiber cables also face less signal degradation.
• Reliable transmission- Optical fiber cables are immune to temperature changes, moisture, and severe weather changes while all of these are the main reason behind the degradability of the copper wire cables. Since there is no current in the optical fiber cables these are not bothered by electromagnetic interference. You don’t need to worry about any fire hazard which was the problem with the copper wires.
• Travel longer distances- Fiber optics have the capability to travel much longer distances than the copper wires. The distance actually depends on the wavelength, type of cable, and the network.
• Thinner wires- The optical fibers are thinner and sturdier. These are much lighter in weight. The optical fibers have the capability of withstanding more pressure and hence are less prone to damage and breakage.

The optical fibers are much less expensive than the copper wires. These wires are non-flammable and are much more reliable for the future use. Optical fibers enjoy a plethora of benefits over the traditional copper wires. These wires are nowadays used in each and every field because of the advantages they provide. Spend less and gain a lot more benefits with the use of optical fibers.

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What to Look for Before You Hire a Web Design Company

As the World Wide Web becomes increasingly important to businesses, business/company websites are becoming a must-have. This has consequently led to booming of the web design industry. Many people have come up claiming that they can design a great website for your business. While some of these website design companies could actually do what they say they can, the bad news is that some of them are not up to the task and are not the team you’d want on your side as you seek success online.

Therefore, it is important that as you seek the perfect website for your business, you know what to look for in that person you are about to entrust with your website. Below are some of the most important factors you should consider:

  1.    Samples of Past Work

Before you think of signing that contract you want to make sure that the person you are hiring can build the type of website you have in mind. The easiest way to find out is by looking at the designer’s past work. How is their style? Do you think this is their work meets your needs?

  1.    The Time

This is the amount of time the web design company estimates it will take to complete the website.

There are so many similar websites being constructed every month that you will not want to waste any time on the design and development part. However, the time should be realistic. Do not fall for people who promise heaven then let you down at the point where you realize you have to stick by them for the whole process. Also, make sure they get to explain to you why the project takes the amount of time it does.

  1.    The Cost

Cost is a major determinant of the web designer you choose to work with. Good design will set you a substantial some so make sure you have enough funds set aside for the design work. However, as much as you want the best for your website, make sure you are not spending too much money. Always spend reasonably. Do your research regarding prevailing design costs before agreeing on a price.

It is also important that you are explained to what the total price covers. Does it include future (follow-up) consultation? Or the help you are likely to need from the company in future?

  1.    References

Sometimes, it is important that you get to hear from people who have worked with the company before. This will get you prepared on the type of relationship you are likely to have and how to handle the company.

  1.    The Experience

This is how long the company has been designing websites. It is advisable that you go for a company that has lots of experience in the web design industry.

  1.    Customer Service

How is their customer help desk? Does it make you feel like you won’t be getting the required help in future? Customer service is a very important aspect of any organization and those working with it. So just like you have an effective customer help desk in your business, ensure you work with a company that has a friendly and responsive customer service desk.

In Conclusion

Website design is the first and probably the most important step when you want to take your business online. Given the role of a website towards the success of your business, this step is the foundation of a successful online venture. It is important to treat it with the weight it deserves by getting the best web design services your money can buy. A great website will pay itself off in no time!.


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