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Attractions of Athens

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is a strong symbol of the western civilization. With a history that dates back over 3,000 years ago, Athens boasts of numerous attractions such as:1

1. The Acropolis
Acropolis offers a reminder of the ancient glorious days of Athens. Termed as the “sacred-rock”, it contains three temples all which date back to the 5th century BC. Parthenon is the most emblematic and largest temple in Acropolis thanks to its stunning and unique sculptural details as well as the monumental Doric columns. This awe-inspiring historic site also contains a complex of sanctuaries known as Erechtheion. The Acropolis is even more magnificent during the night where you get to experience an amazing golden view of the architecture under floodlights.

2. National Archaeology Museum
This museum which was established in the nineteenth century is Greece’s biggest archeological museum that hosts one of the most unique antiques in the world. National Archeology Museum is housed inside a beautiful neo-classical building which has a large exhibition space of around 8,000 square-meters. Here, you will find more than 10,000 exhibits which provide the overview of the ancient Greek civilization. There is a sculpture collection, decorative objects and vase collection from Greek’s ancient pottery.

3. The Agora
Agora is a historic ruin that was a marketplace of the ancient Athens. It was a commercial and administrative center where the Greeks used to meet every day. The Agora tou Dimou, a popular civic group that was tasked to carry out decision making used to meet here. Festivals, theater performances, and Athletic events also used to be held here. An interesting feature of Agora is the Royal Stoa, an 18-meter long structure where the seat of King Archon Basileus was located. The Stoa was also used as the trial point of the Socrates.

4. Byzantine Museum
It’s an interesting museum which offers insights of the Byzantine Period. Byzantine Museum features a precious collection of the Byzantine Empire, art, religion, politics among others. There are over 25,000 artifacts which are on display and they include creative masterpieces of icons, beautiful mosaic, textiles, sculptures, paintings etc. The courtyard of this museum has a stunning mosaic floor fragment that was designed in the fifth century.

5. The Plaka Neighborhood
Plaka is one of the most loved attractions of Athens. It’sfound near the Acropolis and it’s renowned for its beautiful winding streets, small restaurants, and shops as well as the amazing local architecture. This neighborhood which is popular with tourists has a village-like feel. The tiny shops found along its street are popular for selling jewelry, local ceramics, and clothes.



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Self Drive in Kangaroo Island 

Self Drive in Kangaroo Island 

” To adventure is to find yourself whole ”


Having an adventurous moment once in your life is something precious that can never be replaced. When you’re surrounded by a beautiful nature and breathtaking landscape, there is no wrong on grabbing your keys and take your car, for a self-driving journey at Kangaroo Island.

With 1,600 kilometers of road, Kangaroo Island has plenty of attractions to explore. With its widespread area , there are lots of activities that you can do. Indulge yourself in a secluded beach, as you watch the sun sets down on the horizon, take an overlook on diverse species of wildlife, or simply just set up camp for the night to stargazing the stars in the sky.

To begin your journey, there are several breathtaking road trips routes that you can choose as your need. Going with Southern Ocean route is a great start ahead. It is a wonderful six-day adventure where you can have your authentic experiences at these highlighted places below.

1. Blue Lake, Robe Obelisk and Long Beach

Make your first visit to the Blue Lake as your perfect opening for the road-trip. Located near the Mount Gambier, Blue Lake is a large crater lake with a spectacular view. Famous for its vibrant cobalt blue color, especially during December – March period, it is a good place to take wonderful pictures.

After visiting the Blue Lake, head your car to the Robe Obelisk and Long Beach. As it is said from its name, Robe Obelisk and Long Beach are a large area of coastline, surrounded by stunning cliffs and big waves. Don’t forget to pay a visit to its iconic obelisk that was built in 1852, which placed at the top of the cliff to helping the ships to arrive safely at the bay.

2. Coonawarra Wine Region

Not everything about Southern Ocean route is related to nature. If you’re a wine-lover, then visiting Coonawarra Wine Region is a must thing to do. Coonawarra is famous for producing premium quality of red wine. Their products of wine have been well-known around the world. Do some wine-tasting event in here and you will not regret to have a taste of most delicious wine in the world.

3. Jack Point Pelican Observatory

Located in Coorong National Park, Jack Point Pelican Observatory is a spot for you to catch a glimpse of the pelican wildlife. Follow the trail to the viewing shelter, as you will be able to see lots of plant types with information signs. It is an informative place to visit and a good way to make yourself closer to nature.

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The Chicago Blackhawks- A Sneak Peak Into Its Past!

Ice hockey is a popular sport. Each game has a lot of excitement and thrills. There are several fans spread out across the USA and the world. They miss the chance to watch matches and catch the updates of their popular players. One of the most widely sought after and popular teams of ice hockey in the USA and world are The Chicago Blackhawks.

An insight into the history of the Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks previously spelled as Black Hawks before 1986 is a professional ice hockey team in Chicago, Illinois. This team is also colloquially known as The Hawks.  The team are members of the Central Division in the Western Conference of the NHL or the National Hockey League. Since 1926, they have received six Stanley Cup Championships. They are one of the six original teams of the NHL along with The New York Rangers, The Boston Bruins, The Montreal Canadians, The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings. They have a rich history for playing in the Chicago Stadium for 65 years!

There are several fans of The Chicago Blackhawks in the USA. They love watching the game and keep track of the latest updates of their favorite players. In Ohio, there is one such fan and his name is Alexander Paler. He was born in Ohio but has spent the last 20 years in Illinois. He also follows the updates of The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is also a fan of the Chicago Cubs. Besides keeping track on his favorite teams, he also is interested in their history as well. When it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks, he says that the original owner of the club was Frederic McLaughlin. He owned the Club till he died in 1944. He was known to be a hands-on owner and he fired coaches many times. During his tenure, the Club won two Stanley Cups.

After his demise, the Club ownership went to the Norris Family. They were the owners of the famous Chicago Stadium. The landlord of this club had stakes in several teams of the NHL. The Norris Family ownership was a part of the syndicate ownership however the team’s performance grew weak. When the senior member of the Norris family died called James E. Norris, the ownership was given to another family member- his name was James D. Norris. He took an active interest in the development and progress of the team. It was under his ownership that the team won another Stanley Cup in 1961.

The ownership of the team was passed on to the Wirtz family after the death of James D. Norris in 1966. In the year 2007, Rocky Wirtz became the owner of the team and he is praised for his contribution for turning around the fortunes of the team. In fact, in the preceding years, Alexander Paler said the team lost fan interest and its competitiveness. It was under his leadership that the team’s fortunes shined and the players went on to win the Stanley Cup thrice in just 6 seasons from 2010 to 2015.

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Know How to Write Appealing Travel Blogs

Only those who love travelling know the excitement of making a plan for trip, budgeting, arranging tickets and finally getting the backpack ready. No matter, whether it’s within your kingdom or beyond that, every travel session rejuvenates you wonderfully in this hectic demanding everyday life. Therefore, for the travel lovers, it is a great relaxation as well as therapy. While you travel solely, with your friends, family or fiancé, you collect great photographs of nature, different landscapes, historical places and other spots. The majority of travelers love collecting these photographs in album that adds to memory.

You store these immense photographs with great care, but these are kept for you and your family only. Being a travel enthusiast, don’t you think that sharing your experiences with others can be something electrifying! Yes, of course, in addition, say, when you get comments from the readers about your great writings or appreciating your photographs, how would you feel? Simply exhilarating!! Have you ever thought that you can also attain this satisfaction by writing travel blogs, tagging pictures and sharing them through internet?  Importantly, if your writings are high-quality, you can also consider it as your profession.

Just consider the professional profile of Louis Habash. If you don’t know anything about Mr. Louis, simply make a search and find his pages. Yes, he is very much present in web, and of course, more widely in his writings, especially on travel topics and guides. While travelling has been his passion right from the childhood, subsequent to completion of his degree in Journalism, he started writing and sharing his great travelling experiences with millions of travel lovers spread over the world. It is, in the same way, you can also reach huge audience and if your travel blogs are really great, you will start getting comments from different corners.

Most importantly, by writing informative flawless articles you gain mass appreciation and think of writing your travel articles as a freelance writer. Nonetheless, for writing great travel articles like Louis Habash, you will require travelling frequently. With this, as you visit varied places; start gathering complete information starting from how to get there? You should give details of the places to visit, budget hotels, nearby eateries; communication systems or must-have things and more.

Mr. Louis Habash has written a series of very helpful travel guidebooks and used to write interesting travel stories in different local papers and magazines.  Living in Los Angeles, he is a nature lover, great photographer while outdoors like hiking and water sports are his hobbies. Apart from travel books, he has also authored some literary and fictional books. He completed graduation from San Francisco State University in Journalism as his specialization subject. Apart from the US, his most interesting travels include Japan, Beijing, Taiwan, Prague and more. In his free time, he likes spending time teaching homeless kids living in his community area. All his writings are simply outstanding and photographs are beyond compare. To become a successful travel blogger you can go through the blogs of Mr. Louis, which will give you a comprehensive idea about how to write travel blogs.

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Learn About Playing Football And Its Fitness Insight

Sports have always filled enthusiasm in people as they bring positivity and give a newer outlook to the people’s personality as everyone wants to possess a fit body. “Health is wealth”, an old saying fits in well when one thinks of nearly any sports being played around the world. Football is also one of them, as it needs more physical power and mental fitness to concentrate fully on the game played. The sport is played in school as well as college level and most of the clubs around the world have matches amongst the famous clubs. Most of the sportsman championships also encourage people to practice this game like Jonathan Bunge who use to be a player during the high school days and a big fan of Cleveland Browns.

Seek the benefits of Playing Football

Football has grown in the recent years like a craze amongst the youth and adults across the world and most of the children are so influenced by the game that they want to join the elite league of well-known clubs and national level teams. Most of the players are chosen from the very young age and polished in the way to become the greatest players of the country.

Here are some points that focus on the benefits of playing football:

  • Team Spirit: In this game, the foremost thing is the teamwork without which the game cannot be won by the respective team. Everyone should be trained to work together as one team to win the match and the players should be taught to keep the morale high during the game and to motivate the fellow players.

  • Inculcates Best Qualities: While the players start playing this game from the very young age, they become aware of varied qualities like leadership, sportsman spirit, responsibility, patience, etc. This helps them to become the best player and to motivate other players too who are still striving hard to make their mark in football.

  • Physical and Mental Fitness: The game requires a great zeal and high level of physical fitness on the ground as everyone has to keep their positions intact and maximum running is involved in making the goal. Even mental stability is required and the player should concentrate on the game and not feel nervous or stressed up prior to the game, as it will spoil the teamwork.

  • Builds Self-Esteem: The game helps to build self-esteem inculcating confidence in the players to feel a change in their daily habits. They experience fun and learn about success and failure by playing the game.

Lastly, it can be said that if the person is ready to work hard for playing football then they can build high level of confidence and experiences physical and mental fitness too.

However, playing Football is not at all easy it requires sheer hard work and mental alertness from the player’s side. Jonathan Bunge states that if the child possesses zeal for this game then they should be encouraged by the coach and right guidance and practice should be provided as to become the glorious player of their respective teams.

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NCAA Basketball – Watch College Adrenaline Hit a New High

Education institutions have always been a special place for the younger generation and adults. This is because such institutes not only teach the students various subjects and become self capable but also greatly assist in building character that remains with the learners throughout their lifetime. Sports events have long helped the students and players to strengthen their mind and body particular. The NCAA Basketball Championship is one of such greatly applauded events that shape in college students to face life challenges and goals in all its diverse forms.

The NCAA Basketball Championship was started in the year 1939 and since then, it has built a legacy for college basketball teams from various cities. Each sprint, 65 basketball teams, 64 for women vie for a trophy that is rightly termed as March Madness. It is fascinating to watch young adults and youth vigor at their best in this Big Competition league.

The term March madness was coined by Brent Musburger. Earlier and originally, it was used to describe an end to end Basketball being player in March. It was him that firstly used this term to describe the frenzy that grips college year’s basketball gamblers and fans. The league is a single elimination tournament and takes place for over 3 weeks long time across a number of locations across US. The national semifinals, known as Final Four popularly, usually become one of the nation’s most beloved sports events. The Final Four refers to the final four teams that manage to remain in the tournament till the final weekend.

The NCAA Basketball Championship has long seen the dynasty of teams participating and has immortalized in the world of sports. Numerous movies and web series have also been made about the NCAA championship and this popularity has made it hard to fetch NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Tickets. Various web series have not only highlighted its magnitude and aura but also have managed to show the indomitable spirit of the young girls and boys along with their passion.

The selection process as well as the ranking for the tournament rankings is based on the win loss records and the team ranking. It begins with the two lowest seeded teams through a pretournament game to determine which of them will enter the first round of the tournament. The sport is also known as Play in game and was began in 2001. The tournament now uses the so called Pod System under which the 8 first and seconds round sites are distributed and around four regionals. This system minimized the early-round travel of many teams.

Furthermore, a specially appointed selected committee also sits to decide on the 65 reams that will enter and play through the tournament. Exciting, doesn’t is sounds thrilling? You can check on for ticket bookings from online portals like where you can easily book discounted cheap tickets without a need to walk and search offline.

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Blade and Soul: Inventory Tips

Here’s a newcomer tip/advice guide I made that I am ensuring does NOT have any of the following:

  1. The 2nd tab in the Bank (Closet) is cheaper to expand than the main tab, and can still hold everything besides Character-Bound stuff and Weapon Boxes.
  1. Unsealing Charms are used to basically appraise weapons of unknown stats.
  1. Unsealing Charms are incredibly overpriced at merchants. You get them normally from decent odds after clearing a equal level dungeon. The “Survey” system rewards them semi-often at low levels.
  1. If you have obtained some weird item with a colored named that you’re not sure what it does even after reading the description, do not throw away, it will likely be useful later in either Crafting or Upgrades.
  1. If you use a Brilliant Key to open a chest (obtained blade and soul gold from the Cash Shop or very rarely in treasure chests), you will always get a weapon for your own class.
  1. Weapon > Soul Shield > Accessory is the order of most to least useful stat giving items. Keep that in mind when looking at prices.
  1. Almost every weapon obtained can be used as feed for leveling any other weapon. Dropped ones, Quested ones, Bought ones, etc. I’m not saying it’s always the best idea (depends on the fee), but it’s something to at least check on.
  1. You must be wearing an Outfit or else Soul Shields will not have any effect.
  1. The Fusion Powder obtained from salvaging Soul Shields can be used to upgrade other Soul Shields.
  1. Breaking a Gem might give you a crystal, however a Gem with a high grade or above will always give you a crystal. Crystals can be used to convert your gems into other types.
  1. Some of the higher priced Soul Shields are bid on in dungeons, including some that are only really useful for upgrading other Soul Shields.
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