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All you need to know about Singapore scholarship

Singapore is often considered as an ideal destination for students because it is a hub of amazing and progressive international universities. There are a number of universities that offer Singapore scholarship to students depending upon the levels and programs of education.

If you are planning to take admission in Singapore University of Social Sciences then there is good news for you that this university offers scholarships for academic excellence and leadership potential to the students who pursue undergraduate studies.

SUSSBelow-stated is a complete guide about the scholarship which you will be given at Singapore University of Social Sciences. 

The main motive behind offering a scholarship to talented students is to expand their full prospective in the discipline selected by them.

Who is entitled to the scholarship?

In order to get a scholarship, it is important for you to be a citizen of Singapore or a permanent inhabitant.

You also need to have excellent educational results, an inspiring track record in co-curricular activities as well as perfect language dexterity that indicates the quality of headship and keenness for participation in community service.

But remember that the scholarship is not available for students pursuing law programs.

What is the term of scholarship?

Each and every scholarship is granted for the amount of time that is necessary to finish the full program of study. It is very important for you to know that SUSS university offers the scholarship only for the undergraduate programs that are for part-time.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The scholarship of SUSS University holds great value because it covers the complete course fee. All the course materials, examination fee along with other required fees will be covered under the scholarship.

However, the scholarship does not come with any bond attached.

How you can apply for the scholarship?

There is mainly two scholarship application period:

January semester: 1 August to 30 September

July Semester: 1 February to 31 March

If you want to apply for the SUSS scholarship then you need to submit the form online before the closing date. In order to have complete knowledge about the SUSS scholarship; you can go through the e-guide once.

If you are a new student then before submitting your application for the scholarship, make sure that you present your admission e-application first.

The students whose application for the scholarship is not accepted should not re-apply for the scholarship.

By mid-November for January semester and for the July semester by mid-May, candidates will be notified through an e-mail for their successful acceptance of the Scholarship application.

Therefore, the decision which will be taken by the Students Awards Committee of SUSS will be last and requisite. On the other hand, the committee is also not going to give any kind of reasons for candidates whose application is not selected.

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Are you a law student? When did you visit Essex court chambers Duxton in Singapore

There are thousands of courts in Singapore, but the Essex court chambers Duxton in Singapore have potential access in coving a wide range of services. Whether it’s based on resolving the dispute, finalizing the case of an individual accused of a crime, they have always been the number option to solve cases. It doesn’t matter if you are a student trying to improve your law career or just visiting the court to gain information. You cannot enhance your essay writing quality or your law career by just reading the book and browsing online only. The Essex court chambers Duxton will offer you the outstanding reality experience that will boost your skill to the max.

Even if you have been reading court cases based on real-life stories but without real experience, it means you are missing the practical knowledge of improving your career because there a lot you can learn by visiting the court to watch the action live.

What can I learn from going to court?


Once you are interested in law but have no necessary foundation that determines the next appropriate step for you to take, then the next step to take is visiting the Essex court to experience the legal action.

Here are what you can learn from visiting a law court;

  1. Going to the court can bring outstanding information which will allow you to excel in your practice of becoming law. Whether you are practicing criminal or civil law, it enhances your ability to be a contentious or non-contentious when enforcing laws in the court.
  2. Its help much when you are not sure whether practicing law will work out for you. Visiting the court helps you in making a fast decision about venturing in the law career. The decision can easily be made after experiencing several live activities in the court to know if it’s what you want to do.
  3. It improves your social life as well as the approach in making reasonable decisions.
  4. It will help you understand the court activities very well, which you will combine in the study of law.
  5. Studying all these theories will only equip you with half of the primary skillset because you are missing the practical aspect which you can acquire by going to the Essex court chambers Duxton. Gaining practical knowledge will help you understand the vital court arguments well for future purposes.
  6. Students will understand that sophisticated knowledge that can’t be gain by studying different varieties of books like seeing how the judges and lawyer act over each action. Even the way of presenting a legal argument which can be valuable. Knowing these can be of help in overcoming the emotional effect of talking in public orally.

The last but not the least is understanding and gaining information on how judges deliver the verdict in the court chamber with the expression of both the accused and magistrate during the action is a piece of very crucial knowledge.

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Advocates with the Most Attractive Resumes in Singapore

Technically, the law is among the hardest disciplines to study in the world. However, some Singaporeans have gone against ordinary expectation and outshone even the brightest brains globally. Advocates such as those at Essex Court Chambers Duxton have beat all odds to become the most proficient in their respective fields of expertise.

Shockingly, some of these advocates have very lengthy and impressive curriculum vitae with innumerable accolades to their names. This article will outline a few of those brilliant advocates in Singapore and a summary of their curriculum vitae.

Toby Landau QC

Toby is a BA (Laws) holder, who graduated in 1990. The following year he got a Bachelor of Civil Law degree with First Class Honors distinction. He was in practice at English Bar where he specialized in Commercial Law, specifically international and Commercial Arbitration.

Landau has offered constant valuable advise related to public international law disputes. Key arbitrations that Landau has taken part in include: Foresti versus South Africa, Turkcell versus Iran, KT Asia vs. the Republic of Kazakhstan, Fondel vs. Azerbaijan, Vodafone versus India among others.

He currently serves as a member and advocates at Essex Court Chambers Duxton in areas such as Injunction interim relief, Conflict of laws and private international law, arbitration and related court applications, energy and natural resources, company insolvency law and shipping and admiralty.

Tham Lijing

ESSEX COURT CHAMBERS DUXTON -8Lijing is one of the most valued advocates at Essex court chambers Duxton. The advocate is an alumnus of Magdalen College, Oxford University where he pursued BA (Jurisprudence) in 2009. One year after he acquired a BCL(Distinction) from the same college.

Tham is a happy recipient of multiple awards including Distinction in Law Moderations in2006, Lovells Prize in recognition as the best performance in the Second year, Essex St Prize for best performance in the First year, Gibbs Prize in honor of proximate for best performance in Contract, Tort, Trust and Land.

The advocate is widely known for top-quality publications to his name such as Missing Witnesses, The Curious Case of Drug Importation, Legitimate Expectations and Good Administration, Singapore, Rule Against Apparent Bias-Language Disguising Thought?, Law and Morality and Laws of Singapore.

V K Rajah SC

Rajah serves as a member of Board of Governors of the Asian Business Law Institution as well as an able Board member of Singapore’s Central Bank. The highly- sort- after advocate was a University of Cambridge student in 1986. He has served the judiciary arm of government for a decade. He once served as a judicial commissioner back in 2004 and a judge later the same year.

Rajah served one term as Singapore’s Attorney-General in 2014. That’s not all; SC has been one of the best Senior Counsel of the pioneer batch. His areas of expertise include Company insolvency law international trade, transport and commodities, arbitration and related court application, Unjust enrichment and restitution claims, public international law and Regulatory law and investigations. He currently serves as one of the advocates of Essex court chambers Duxton advocate.

For sure, hard work and dedication in academics can elevate someone to a better social, economic, and financial status!

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Audio Visual Aids For Better Marks

Many students find certain subjects to be so boring that they do not wish to study for the examination at all. This is often harmful for their academic career, their grades suffer and they fail to comprehend the subject completely. This aversion towards the subject stays with them for a very long time and in most cases, it lasts for life!

The advent of The Great Courses

Now, when it comes to education and learning, The Great Courses today is a boon to many students. Thomas Rollins is the Founder of The Great Courses and he says as a student he had a similar aversion to a very important subject that he was to take for an examination. The aversion was so deep that he never wanted to study the subject as it was very boring for him. Luckily, he found 10 video tapes of the subject made by an esteemed professor and watched them the night before the examination. The good news is that on watching these videos, he actually started to like the subject and understood it well. He appeared for the examination and scored an “A” in it. This personal experience created a deep impact and years later he created the Thomas Rollins Teaching modules that are known as The Great Courses today!

Motto of the Great Courses

The Great Courses has the sole motto of helping students enjoy the subjects they learn in a different manner. Classroom instruction and teaching depends upon the teacher. Some make them very interesting and some make the same subject so boring that students do not even wish to study them at all. The experts at The Great Courses take great care in making subject videos by exceptionally popular teachers in the educational field today. These teachers make the audio- visual videos. The sessions are lively and very insightful. The best part of The Great Courses videos are that you get a lifelong satisfaction guarantee that is 100 percent. This means you can learn any subject without the boredom of classroom teaching.

Learn at your own pace

When it comes to classroom teaching, it is seen that you cannot repeat any lesson you did not understand. The teacher has a syllabus to complete and if you are lucky and there is time, revisions later may or may not be taken up. However, in the case of audio visual aids you will find that you have the opportunity to watch the tape again. In this way, you study at your own pace and can get the understanding you need for the subject.

The Thomas Rollins Teaching modules makes learning fun and an adventure. With these modules, you effectively are able to study in an exciting way. The subject modules are available online and you may download them on your personal computer. The experts here recommend that you should have sufficient space before you begin the downloading process. There are several videos for you to choose from and all you need to do is download them and enjoying the learning process!

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Why Singapore is called world study learning centre?

In a company or country full of dedicated professional, high-quality education is what nurtured the thought process of a student or learner in a rich and friendly cultural environment. Providing the students with outstanding living standards, plenty of things to see and learn, study in Singapore is no ways anything lesser than getting professional experience as compared to other learning giants all over the world.

Adding to that the affordable living cost plus the quality of education, the graph is further taken up when we talk about “Value for Money”. To those, who are looking to pursue undergraduate or diploma courses from Singapore, the country offers its students with wide range of higher education and job opportunities within Singapore. How Singapore successfully stands out from the crowd when it comes to quality education? Below here are some of the noted factors that make it a hub for Students not only from Asia but all over the world:

Degree Recognition

Singapore has come up as one of the well-recognized hubs for the students as a bright education destination due to its world-class educations, institutions, and universities. And for the same reasons, the degrees and diplomas being offered in Singapore are highly valued and accepted by the employers as well as educational institutions in and out of Singapore.

Degree Structure

Singapore education is assorted highly worldwide not only because of the recognition but also due to the Governmental support. The degree and diplomas come up with governmental grants and scholarships that make educations quite cheap and affordable for all classes.

Tuition Fees

The course fee of the Bachelor’s education in Singapore varies from one university to another and the subjects tend to change each year. The aspiring students that take up the courses can refer directly to the university, schools or contact them through calls. In case, you find the course charges higher than what you had imagined them to be, you can get the scholarship and governmental financial aids easily.

International University Tie-ups

What makes Singapore exceptionally ahead is that most of the universities in the country have international tie-ups and thus, can help you get a degree or diploma from the top universities located in Europe, Australia, Germany, and others. This means that you can apply for a good university while sitting and learning in Singapore. This creates an ease and comfort for learning and also opens up new avenues of learning and growth without asking the students to shift to other countries.

After Course Chances

After you have completed your education, you have got high chances to grab a job opportunity within the country or to pursue Master’s education from Singapore itself. You will be required to pass the certification of CGE O Level examination to take admissions in Bachelor’s degree.Similarly, the Master’s degree will ask you for a desired level of grades at Bachelor’s level.

Why wait now? You can also have a Study Trip to Singapore, and visit the schools that you are interested so that find the best school for your future study.

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Know About Musical Events And Its Various Colors

Musical events and programs are held keeping in mind the social deeds and as a part of charity. They are an endearing factor for the music lovers and people involved in music cannot stay away from them for a longer duration of time. They are the food to the music lovers and must one attend such events and programs in order to enrich the soul. Music is loved by one and all – be it the youth or the elders. It might range in its frequency and must be varied as per the age limit and interests of the listener concerned.

Many orchestras used to play such music and entertain people in the early times. Music could be Indian or western, classical, devotional, rock and much more. It entertains the young and the old simultaneously and is the best therapy for reducing stress and maintaining much needed calmness in one’s body and the soul too. Many musicians like Vince Pettinelli organize various musical events and programs and thus fascinate the music lovers with the soulful music all along.

Musical events and programs are planned in advance and concerts and performances by eminent singers and all are looked upon by many people. They are being loved and listened by many in a single go and thus have wide followers. Such music programs or festivals are a rage among one and all and followed by many of all ages across the globe. Music by such singers and musicians is well accepted among the people. The event is organized keeping in mind people’s needs and preferences.

Both must be adhered to in order to make such programs a big success and create history of their own. It must be profitable and business specific for the clients concerned. They should get the value of their money and their efforts should not go futile by any means. Vince Pettinelli is a musician class apart and has been taking part in many events for charity purposes. He is an expert in his field and looked upon by many for business views related to musical events and cultural programs.

The orchestra is very old in the field and known by many. It was the dream of his father who has laid the foundation for the same and the band plays music in various charity functions and musical concerts. The leader of the band has promoted this band unlike his father and made it a name among the people’s hearts. All people remember the band for its great music and its musical heritage. It has kept the people happy and delighted for many years. It is a great achievement and a great success for the band as a whole.

The band has raised charity through many musical events and programs and is well recognized among the people. Vince Pettinelli is a leader and musician who is class apart. The orchestra boasts of the best of the musicians and professionals in the music field who have given an incredible performance. Many organizations have been able to raise funds due to them and feel obliged for the same.

To conclude, one can very well say that the orchestra group rocks!!!

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Government Grants- Think they help?

Looking for some free money and help from the Singapore Government to start your small business. Then you have landed on the right place as today we are going to discuss about the governmental plans.

Despite what you might have been hearing till now, governmental grants are rarely available for small sized businesses but why?

Well, the governmental grants are made for the large businesses, there have been a shift towards the small and medium sized sectors and that can help them to grow and sustain this competitive business world and also enhance their operation and procedures with least expenditure. Here are answers to some of the most common questions regarding the Governmental Grants for CDG:

Is the CDG Grant available for those who want to start and grow their own small business?

Well, no! The CDG grant has been made and innovated for those who are already running their business and looking for some upgrade to their business. The grant does not provide support to any firm who is involved in the below mentioned activities:

  • Starting a business
  • Paying off debt
  • Covering operational expenses

The grant is made available for certain industries like innovation and technology, human resource development and others.

What if I’m involved in R&D? Can I get a grant?

It might be possible but the CDG grants do not mentions of provide any kind of support to those who are in the research and development sector.

Doesn’t the CDG offer small business financing?

The capability development grant has been specifically made for the small and medium sized enterprises. The good news is that it administers loans to small sized businesses to collect the capital they need to develop their capability and innovation through some advanced procedures or operations.

Is the CDG Grant available for all?

While we can roughly say that it deals with all the sectors and domains of businesses but it won’t be wrong to say that you need to check their list of development area support along with their terms and conditions for the enrolment foe availing the grant. The basic aim is to produce some value added services and money for the small and medium firms and make them self reliant and better.

The bottom line

If you actual need capital and financial assistance then do not waste your time and pursue for the free money. Chances are that you might not find them through business loans or credit cards but within the aids provided by the governmental agencies. The 70% flexibility to the overall cost of the operation is nothing less than a blessing in disguise and can pave ways for you to make a debut in the list of top companies in Singapore.


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Newbie’s Guide to Paddle Tennis Tournaments

The American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) designed rules and regulations of paddle tennis tournaments to make them fun, engaging and competitive for all players involved. Learn more about paddle tennis and what to expect if this is the first tournament.

The sport of paddle tennis utilizes two pieces of equipment: a ball and paddle. A rubber ball is made up of flocking which keeps the ball from skidding on the surface. The paddle is 18 inches in length and is comprised of up to 87 holes, around ⅜ inches in diameter. Paddles and balls used in tournaments governed by APTA must be approved by the APTA Rules Committee. A second ball and paddle are now allowed during play. Both hands are permissible on the paddle or to switch hand to hand during play. Only one ball is allowed in play so long as it is remains in good condition.

The Game
Paddle tennis tournaments are played as doubles with singles tournaments sometimes being the exception at paddle tennis court. One side spins the paddle to determine who serves first with the winning team getting to choose the right to serve, receive, choose the end or require the other team to make the choice first. All players take appropriate sides to ready for play. The serving team must hit the ball behind the baseline between center mark and sideline, diagonally cross court from the receiver (similar to regular tennis). Balls must pass over the net and hit the deck within the service court before the receiver may return it. Overhand, underhand or sidearm strokes are allowed.

Similar to regular tennis, game scoring begins with zero or ‘love.’ First point begins at 15,
second point 30 followed by 40 then Game. Whomever has the serve calls the score, serving side first followed by receiving team (love­15, 15­15, etc). The game continues until a team wins two points in a row from deuce (both teams scoring 40 points).

All tournament players are required to adhere to some basic rules of sportsmanlike conduct on the court. Etiquette and sportsmanship are fundamental to the sport of paddle tennis. Some examples of behavior which will not be tolerated include:
● Throwing the paddle
● Abusive or foul language
● Verbal or physical threats
● Name calling
Penalties are determined by tournament directors in accordance with the level of severity. Guidelines are designed to promote a positive, fun atmosphere while adhering to a professional code of conduct which supports an elevated level of play for all involved. Tournament players are expected to adhere to the code by doing the following:
● Be punctual
● Compliment good play by both the partner and opponents
● Be gracious at the end of game play
● Say ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ to opposing team, tournament chairman and committee

A positive experience and atmosphere is possible when everyone is committed to following the code of conduct which elevates the game for all.

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Gospel for Asia: A compassionate service for the underprivileged

There are countless people in the whole Asian continent who do not have access to the basic amenities of life and comfort. There are only a few organizations around the world which provide them relief, comfort and other things that are necessary for their survival. Millions of people in the whole continent are vulnerable to various natural calamities and victims of other forms of man made tragedies. Hence, the support and assistance received from such services is a welcome boon for these underprivileged people.

Among these organizations, Gospel for Asia deserves special mention. Believing in humanity and the message of Jesus Christ, it is one of the largest Christian NGO that provides support and assistance to the people living in the various countries of Asia. This organization works throughout all the Asian countries with notable presence in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and many more. The organization was established KP Yohannan in 1978. The organization envisages to reach all the people who are unaware of the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

The goal of Gospel for Asia to form missionaries native to the nation and service with special emphasis on Asia. They spread the message of love and provides relief to the people who do not get the basic facilities of human life. They provide importance in mainly three sectors to serve the humanity. They provide and make proper arrangements for the homeless people, provide relief and food to the victims of natural calamity and provide education to the children who cannot afford to go the school.

It endeavors to share the love of Jesus with the people. In the world where hatred and discrimination among the common people is rising, the messages and love of Jesus Christ will help to refrain them from being fanatical and violence. But this organization is completely non-governmental organization and hence it is not associated with any political parties. It has not involved in any form of controversy since the inception of this organization.

The message provided by Gospel for Asia is clear and transparent. All human beings are created by God equally. There should be no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, creed or sex. Even it discourages the direct missions send by the Western countries. The imposition of the western culture on the people of Asia is wrong morally and neo-colonialism should be avoided. The rich nations should not exploit the poorer countries. Hence, Gospel for Asia organization takes various initiatives to spread the message of love and the teaching of Jesus to exhibit compassion for friends, family and neighbors.

When a person understands the true meaning of life and compassion, it will bring happiness into their life. Numerous people has associated themselves with this organization and together they help people affected with tsunamis, cyclones and floods. Gospel for Asia has also formed medical clinics where the best health care services are not available. This comprehensive effort to improve the living of marginal people by this organization received appreciation and acknowledgment for every section of the society.

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