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How to apply for Xero PSG?

Are you a person who is dreaming to get the most benefits within the budget? If yes, then the software named Xero can be your correct choice. Well, it follows up the simple process to let you enjoy the most advantages.

If confuse that how you can apply for Xero, then undoubtedly you are on the correct platform because below points can definitely help you in achieving your target.

Well, the question that arises is what exactly the PSG is?

Productivity Solution Grant (PSG)

The PSG is claimed to be known as the productivity solution grant which supports all SMEs who are dreaming to improve their skills and the productivity using the pre-approved IT solutions t0o help you achieve your desired business target. It is undoubtedly known as the best tool that can help numerous companies to give a beautiful start and to get their dream positions.

The PSG supports the long list of approved software solutions that may include a software license, setup, subscription, training, data migration and what not. The PSG advantages are not limited to the software solutions but it promises to support the different types of equipment too to get you the most benefits.

Well, the PSG was updated a few months back i.e. on April 2020 due to covid-19 pandemic with the hope to support the businesses that might need laptops or any other telecommuting tools for helping you get the successful business outcomes.

What is covered?

Well, it follows up the three main categories. Thus, without further discussions, let’s explore that 3 essential categories in detail.

  1. The general solution which may include the accounting, customer management, inventory tracking and HR.
  2. Sector-specific solutions that cover up the fleet management and POS.
  3. Covid-19 business development solutions like the queue management system, temperature screening solutions and the needed virtual meeting tools.

Who all has the rights to apply?

Well, are you a person who meets up the criteria below? If yes, then yes you can definitely apply. Therefore, it won’t be wrong saying that any SME that promises to meet up the criteria can happily apply for the PSG.

Well, the below criteria can help you know if you are eligible or not.

  • Registered and working in Singapore.
  • Have at least access to 30% of the shareholding.
  • Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions must be utilized and fulfilled in Singapore.

Procedure to apply

Here’s how to apply for Xero PSG. Follow the below steps to apply:

  1. Get yourself a quotation for the pre-approved IT solution.
  2. The second step is to go to business grants portal and submit your PSG application.
  3. After you have applied, you have a complete right to utilize the IT solution without wasting up a time to wait to get approval.
  4. The PSG application that you submitted may take up to 2 to 6 weeks to get an approval.
  5. Submit your claim online now become the approved funding is waiting to be yours.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Apply now at if you are eligible and get the maximum benefits of it.

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Which is the Best Macbook You Should Buy?

MacBook Pro on top of brown table

Apple has only created the best portable laptops all over the world. But Macbooks are the first that brings new technology in terms like sharp IPS screens.

Apple has only created the best portable laptops all over the world. But Macbooks are the first that brings new technology in terms like sharp IPS screens, backlit keywords, and multitouch trackpads. With this current lineup, Apple has a variety of models with different features.

That creates lots of confusion between choosing. It’s quite difficult to select which Macbook you should buy? Buying Macbook is much convenient than buying, models from Hp, dell, etc.

Here are some latest buying guiding points, you can consider them while choosing Macbook for your personal use:

1. Apple Macbook Air (13 inches)

This Model has been upgraded, to the retina display and its process was being dropped to $1,099.

In the new model there are 13- inch retina display, and more responsive trackpad with butterfly keyboard, its have some surprising feature like two USB – C/ Thunderbolt with 3 ports or charging.

If we look inside, its features are like 1.6GHz dual-core 8th generation Intel core i5 processor, a solid drive with 128-gigabyte along with 16GB RAM.

2. Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch)

MacBook Pro is the only highly made laptops by Apple. there you will be given two options like a six-core eighth-generation intel core i7 processor with 16GB RAM, another option have a more powerful version with an eight-core, ninth-generation intel core i9 processor, having 32GB RAM and with AMD Radeon graphics.

Here you have plenty of ports for all devices due to thunderbolt 3 ports. for handling the big files on a regular basis, you need a larger SSD than the stock 256GB configuration offers.

There are some issues that you should be aware of- fix my Macbook, verse out mind and heart blows out, when we get issues with the processing of out Macbook.

Number of Macbook owners, claimed about the keyword issues, where keys stop working. Trackpad issues, USB-C issues and so on.

However, Apple service center is also working on rectifying the problems, due to this repeated question, fix my Macbook claiming is not fitting well with the quality work of Apple.

When 2018 was about to end, Apple admitted that there are issues with Macbook pro and offered free of cost, repair services to the customers.

Apple tries to fix the pronlems, with addressing them in a proper manner. After they launched a bew, Macbook pro 13inch still problems were seen, in these keywords, but with the introduction of new Macbook pro in 2019, apple assumed that they are working on the keywords issues, they should try to all Fix my Macbook problems.


Fix my Macbook, still remain a problem, but with the introduction of new butterfly keyword, apple is trying to fix the problems with keywords working.
Free repair services are the major initiative taken by the apple by addressing the problem. They are trying to combat all the previous problems with the new keyword.

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Adopt the Smart Way of Operating Hotels

White Sitting Behind Counter Under Television

One of the primary goals of any industry is customer satisfaction. Only this will help in retaining customers and will ultimately help in getting more revenue. The hospitality industry is no different. But keeping the customer happy can be a bit difficult in this industry. Here the expectations of the client who are known as guests are very high. A small mistake can result in offending the client.

It is, therefore, important to adopt techniques that will help in keeping the client happy. One needs to recognise the areas where technology can be used in providing better service to the client.

Try to make the check-in process faster:

One place where the guest has to spend a long time is at the front desk. The completion of the check-in process can take a long time. Keep in mind that faster hotel check-in using mobile make customer happy. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the help of technology. There are software using which one can easily bring down the time taken for completion of the check-in process. The guest can book the hotel room remotely and upload the identity documents which will be verified digitally. When the guest finally arrives at the hotel he can skip going to the front desk. Instead, he just needs to take the picture of his id proof and a selfie and the same will used to verify the identity of the guest. Once the verification process is complete the guest will be given a digital access key.

Simplification of a number of tasks:

Mobiles are an indispensible thing these days. You can be rest assured that the customers will be more than excited to download hotel mobile app using which they can be given access to a number of facilities of the hotel. Once the verification is complete the guest can be given access to different facilities like access to the swimming pool or ordering food and drinks, scheduling of lunch and dinner etc.

This software will also help in faster completion of check out process. It will help in simplification of the billing process. It will bring down the manual work of the staff. It will not just help in reducing the frustration of the customers but also of the staff. It will help in improving the productivity of the staff.

You can also make use of technology in order to provide better concierge services according to the newest hospitality innovative trends. Questions from a human being may offend the customer but when the same function is performed by a robot then the guest will in all probability follow the instructions and will also be highly impressed with the efficiency of the robot.

If you want to generate more profits from your hotel business then you have to make sure that you keep the customer happy. For this, you have to ensure that you operate the hotel in the best possible way. One of the easiest ways to do this is with the help of technology.

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