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All you need to know about Singapore scholarship

Singapore is often considered as an ideal destination for students because it is a hub of amazing and progressive international universities. There are a number of universities that offer Singapore scholarship to students depending upon the levels and programs of education.

If you are planning to take admission in Singapore University of Social Sciences then there is good news for you that this university offers scholarships for academic excellence and leadership potential to the students who pursue undergraduate studies.

SUSSBelow-stated is a complete guide about the scholarship which you will be given at Singapore University of Social Sciences. 

The main motive behind offering a scholarship to talented students is to expand their full prospective in the discipline selected by them.

Who is entitled to the scholarship?

In order to get a scholarship, it is important for you to be a citizen of Singapore or a permanent inhabitant.

You also need to have excellent educational results, an inspiring track record in co-curricular activities as well as perfect language dexterity that indicates the quality of headship and keenness for participation in community service.

But remember that the scholarship is not available for students pursuing law programs.

What is the term of scholarship?

Each and every scholarship is granted for the amount of time that is necessary to finish the full program of study. It is very important for you to know that SUSS university offers the scholarship only for the undergraduate programs that are for part-time.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The scholarship of SUSS University holds great value because it covers the complete course fee. All the course materials, examination fee along with other required fees will be covered under the scholarship.

However, the scholarship does not come with any bond attached.

How you can apply for the scholarship?

There is mainly two scholarship application period:

January semester: 1 August to 30 September

July Semester: 1 February to 31 March

If you want to apply for the SUSS scholarship then you need to submit the form online before the closing date. In order to have complete knowledge about the SUSS scholarship; you can go through the e-guide once.

If you are a new student then before submitting your application for the scholarship, make sure that you present your admission e-application first.

The students whose application for the scholarship is not accepted should not re-apply for the scholarship.

By mid-November for January semester and for the July semester by mid-May, candidates will be notified through an e-mail for their successful acceptance of the Scholarship application.

Therefore, the decision which will be taken by the Students Awards Committee of SUSS will be last and requisite. On the other hand, the committee is also not going to give any kind of reasons for candidates whose application is not selected.


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