Don’t let your collagen get down!

We all know the great significance of collagen protein in our bodies. From skin to bone health, it’s highly favorable to our bodies.

So, isn’t it crucial to know about the factors that let your collagen levels down? Of course, yes, so that you can prevent practicing them and maintain the collagen integrity of your system. Here are a few most commonly known factors that are proven to harm your collagen levels:

  1. We already realize how hideously terrible smoking is, so we won’t go into detail about how that harms collagen and elastin in your skin and throughout your body. Furthermore, anxiety and pollution also put your body under harmful oxidative pressure.
  2. Ultraviolent light – Exposure to UV light (sunlight) also directs the degradation of collagen levels in our body. The deterioration of collagen chains tells you that your skin fails to maintain its integrity. But, it doesn’t mean that you won’t go and direct yourself to the sunlight. Just think about your vitamin D content if you do so.

While there is no path to stave off natural aging and the biological deterioration of collagen as you get aged, you can take every alternative now to minimize your danger of collagen decomposition by eating a healthy diet. In addition, it will counteract the harmful effect of UV light on your skin. Please scrap disgusting habits such as smoking as well.

High sugar consumption- A diet high in sugar can result in an accelerated rate of glycation within the body. Which furthermore results in forming AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products). Glycation is a procedure whereby sugars accidentally bind with proteins without the interest of a controlling enzyme, injuring the functioning of biomolecules. Glycation makes cells less flexible, stiffer, and more inclined to damage. Collagen commonly has a low physical turnover in the body; bone collagen has a half-life of over 1-2 years, while skin collagen is approximately ten years.

This somewhat long turnover duration clarifies why collagen is exceptionally susceptible to destruction through glycation and why your skin is most apt to be the giveaway of a sugar-loaded diet.

Tip- It comes across to generally indicated that hydrolyzed collagen can be taken in dosages of up to 10 grams when the priority is chiefly on skin health.

Get your hands on the delicious help by bringing Raw Beauty Collagen products made by Nuturelova to your home and giving them a place in your daily diet. No worries, if you cannot adhere to a strict schedule daily, you are still left with an easy way to get a mole collagen amount for your body. There are two methods of replenishing the collagen content of your body. One is to get it from food, and another compensates these units for supplemental use.

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