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Month: November 2021

Privileges of an online mobile store 

Mobile isn’t just here to stay, they are growing and fast. In the current situation, a large proportion of people are using smartphones worldwide. Even a small child knows about its exciting features and what he can run to enjoy his time. When it comes to using this mobile phone for shopping, there’s no calculation of that. Every single day the e-commerce market is thriving as whatever we need today, is easily available at these online stores. So, what’s more rapidly growing, the use of a mobile phone or the use of mobile phones to buy other devices?

E-commerce has allowed the population to own a mobile phone with a greater sense of accessibility and affordability. Do you know how? Let’s take an example of an online store that sells cheap second-hand phones. Isn’t it the most agreeable to save money on your phone as well as buy it with the highest level of convenience? When it comes to a lot of iPhones, then secondhand iPhone Singapore is not at the back, rather it’s at the tongue of every iPhone fanatic for its susceptible deals and highest quality phones.

Even if you don’t have the budget to buy a new iPhone, then even you can own a superb working and elegant-looking used iPhone for you.

  • Here are some of the major advantages of online mobile shopping:
  1. Convenience

Got a random idea to check a particular model of an iPhone? What are you planning for? Maybe arranging a week off to reach a market or maybe planning a shop tour after a hassle full and tired day! No need to increase the load when you can check all the information about that phone within a few seconds. Yes, that’s possible if you are considering an online mobile store.

  1. A fresh market

At online mobile stores, there is a constant flow of new mobiles as in today’s world, people are dependent on these websites to shop. Even most of the shoppers become ready to pay more but to have their products at their level of comfort and convenience without even moving from their place. Whatever model of the phone comes new on the market, it is more likely to be available in these online stores. After so many online shoppers have experienced that particular phone, then there is a chance for it to enter the physical shops.

  1. Competitive demand

Every e-commerce company wants to make its product widely available to the population. For that, the services and price come as a major thing to consider.

They try to put the prices lower as compared to other businesses so that people get attracted more towards them, so there will automatically be a less amount that you will have to pay than a physical store.

Check the complete list of topmost mobile phones and almost every model of popular brands, that too at crazy discounted deals.

At Mobile for Sale, you can even get a chance to buy a phone of your choice at much lower costs than at other shops, and hence, is being counted as one of the best stores for the iPhone trade-in Singapore.

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Foray into the crystal world

crystal shop online

Knowing a bit about the crystal pulsations or the traditional healing uses helps choose crystals. Try to visit a crystal shop online like Crystal for Sale and check which one sticks with you the best. Any pulse from a crystal may give you a positive sign that it has the healing property that you need.

Let’s understand the crystal pulsations

There is a small population, who can feel the pulse of crystals. Try it with your friends. How many of them can feel the natural rhythm of a crystal ball? What does a Crystal Pulse feel like? It’s like electricity emanating from the crystal into your body or hand. Sometimes the energy may feel hot or cold or like it is shooting up through your arm or is migrating. Other times, the sensation is localized – resonating in a particular area of your body, most probably the one which needs healing.

The best time to feel your crystal impulse is after cleaning it in the light of the moon.

  • Cleansing crystals

Everyone knows about moonlight cleansing, but crystals can also be cleared in sunlight. You can just bury your crystal in sea salt, earth, simply submerge them in water. You can even use the white light visualization technique to cleanse them. Now you must be thinking, what’s the need to clean crystals, they are anyway shiny and beautiful. So, you must be aware of the energy-absorbing capability of crystals. You never know what all types of energy your crystals have absorbed from the place you have brought them.

  • Meditation and other uses of crystals

There is not only one best way to use a crystal ball. They vary from stone to stone and depend upon the use of that. As crystals can also be carried in the pocket to protect you from some evil energy. They can also be used to achieve certain goals, like better focus, increased intuition, more peace, and calm, manifestation, etc.

  • Can you learn something from crystals?

Yes, of course, you can. If you want to learn and have experience with crystal energy, you need to establish a relationship with your crystal. For that, you can start your journey by purchasing 3-5 different crystals. Now, it’s time to study the direction they make you feel if they have pulsations. Answer yourself what type of images they bring up in front of you, while you meditate. There is no wrong way to go about a crystal collection.

In this case, the best thing you will find is that a really pretty crystal hanging on your wall is secretly healing you!

  • A colorful path to healing

The sort of healing people do experience most of the time is physical but more often they benefit from crystals mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is the color and type of crystals that tell you about their healing properties. For instance, green and pink stones like jade and rose quartz are good for healing emotional issues and also relate to the heart chakra (Green chakra). Citrine is a common stone that is used to heal issues related to the solar plexus such as problems with personal power and self-confidence.


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Quality and WSH Policies 

a PDPA training course

Management Development Institute of Singapore is Singapore’s aged non-profit proficient institute for lifelong learning. It has two main subsidiaries – Management Development Institute of Singapore Pte Ltd. Its function is to oversee its Singapore Academic Operations and one is MDIS international Pte Ltd that focuses on MDIS’s globalization strategy. MDIS offers courses that are internationally accredited in Business a d management, Jewelry design, fashion, health and nursing, IT, communication, tourism, life sciences media, language education, and safety and environmental management.

Highly vested in corporate level training, the Management Development and Consultancy career the training needs of the workforce. For example, a PDPA training course was developed under the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) skills framework for ICT. This was brought to equip DPOs with basic skills and knowledge of the PDPA. Except for Data Protection Officers, this course can also be attended by Privacy or Legal Counsels, lawyers, Human Resources, IT professionals who handle personal data.

In the PDPA, the government of Singapore has defined 8 commitments that companies collecting and storing personal data of the population must follow. With the charges of only $750.00, Assure Safety proposes this tremendous course to provide its participants with great knowledge and understanding of PDPA.

In 2014, it acquired the Service Quality Centre to diversify its contribution to various training solutions. It is providing quality training in its endeavor to be the foremost provider of training-related solutions in the region.

WSH Policies 

The management development Institute of Singapore and its subsidiaries are engaged to meet regulatory and statuary requirements through the exhibition of responsibility for the safety and health of workers, suppliers, contractors, visitors, and even the students in the work environment.

To accomplish workplace safety and health guidelines the management shall aim to-

  • Prevent the occurrence of ill health and incidents
  • Eliminates all hazards at the workplace to ensure the safety and health of every person present there.
  • Provide adequate knowledge, training, and supervision of all workers to attain workplace safety and health guidelines Continually improve the effectiveness of workplace safety and the network of health management.
  • Comply with all the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Health Act.

The WSH objectives are as follows- 

  • Less than ten none reportable incidents every year
  • Zero legality, no compliance
  • Zero reportable incidents

Different roles within the Workplace safety and health Act

The WSH act seems to provide good safety and health practices in all companies and working individuals, extending from the top authority to the last worker down. Everyone should carry reasonably possible steps according to their capacity to shorten and manage exposure to WSH risks at the workplace. Section 3.1.1 to 3.1.4 of the WSH act detailed the WSH responsibilities of different roles. Depending on the arrangement and contractual arrangement of the work activity, different stakeholders may take different duties as stated in the WSH act.

3.1.1 Occupier

3.1.2 Principal

3.1.3 Employer

3.1.4 Employees

These sections put light on some of the activities that may be accepted by the security officers, their possible threats, and restraint measures by different stakeholders.


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