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Month: April 2021

Successful and Unsuccessful Planning in a New Building: How to Determine

Do not be seduced by the size of the apartment

If the housing is large, do not rush to buy it in a hurry. An impressive square is not an indicator of comfort. Often, in new houses, everything is not thought out to the smallest detail. Calculate the entire usable area of ​​the kitchen and rooms – these will be the real squares where you will live. Consider the amount of taxes, because you have to pay for every centimetre. And also, the dimensions of the apartment mean a long cleaning (unless, of course, you have a maid). Fortunately, new buildings in Singapore are very diverse and you have many options for buying a home. Take a closer look, get advice before suddenly buying real estate.

Canninghill Piers new launch condo is offering 1-to-5-bedroom apartments to its residents. The size of each condominium is mentioned on the website. 5-minute walkaway distance to Canning Park, Artisan’s garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Spice Garden, first botanic Garden and Pancur Larangan makes it an ideal choice for nature lovers. The surrounding area is filled with walking trails and exotic plants.

See your life in this apartment

Drawing on a diagram is one thing; your imagination is another. Come to the apartment you like, take a closer look and imagine how you will live here, whether it will be comfortable to cook in the kitchen, where you will sleep, whether there will be a room for the baby (if you plan), where you will place friends or guests for the night. In the layout of the new building, you can make changes, adjustments for your convenience. River Valley is an infrastructural city, and so many new buildings have been prepared for you!

Ideal if you have:

  • Basement of the house (if you choose the 1st floor);
  • Loggia or balcony;
  • Wardrobe or storage room;
  • Spacious kitchen for 10-12 sq.m .;
  • More than one bathroom.

Why should you invest in Canninghill Piers?

Canninghill Piers new launch condo is one of the best locations in the world when it comes to real estate investment. It is divided into 3 regions by URA-RCR, CCR and OCR.

The core central region (CCR) includes deluxe and high-end properties for rent and sale. Canninghill Piers comes under CCR region as it is located in district 09. It is an upcoming integrated development project located in the vicinity of Clarke Quay. The residential complex includes 700 units well-equipped with premium amenities.

  • Canninghill Piers new launch condo is located in District 09 of River Valley. Owing a condominium in River Valley means staying close to the luxurious facilities of Singapore. Shopping centres, MRT stations, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, parks and places of worship- all destinations sit close to Canninghill Piers.
  • River Valley is packed with reputed hospitals and medical facilities like Camden Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles. Living in Canninghill Piers means a secured future for residents in all aspects.
  • The strategic location of Canninghill Piers offers enhanced connectivity to the central area through MRT station, Circle Line MRT station and Thomson East Coast Line.
  • Swimming pool, boutiques, cafes, fitness centre, sports facilities, new corridors, green spaces and parks are some of the major highlights of Canninghill Piers.
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Residential Complex – Pasir Ris 8

Buying an apartment in Pasir Ris 8 is a dream of many Singaporeans and residents of the region, and the construction company Allgreen and Kerry Properties helps to bring life to it.

Designed with 600 units, located in Pasir Ris Drive 3, Pasir Ris 8 is perfect roof for those who want to enjoy deluxe amenities at affordable prices. The comfort-class residential condos are located near MRT bus interchange.

Desired housing can be purchased on very favourable terms: payment by instalments is possible! That is, the dream of your own apartment can be realized even now, and you can pay calmly, without haste and lifting loads on the family budget.

5 reasons to buy housing in Pasir Ris 8 and know that it was one of the best decisions in your life:

  1. An ecologically clean area where nothing will prevent you and your children from enjoying long walks, playing in the fresh air and feeling the closeness of nature. With activity areas like Pasir Ris fishing pond, eXploreKid family park, Wild wild Wet and Tayo station, you can enjoy holiday trips with your kids. The presence of famous schools and kindergartens makes Pasir Ris 8 a convenient place for families.
  2. Closed courtyards and the format of a separate town create a very special atmosphere of comfort and safety.
  3. No intruders – just a sense of security! The underground parking will become a safe haven for the cars of the residents of the residential complex, and will also make it possible to free the adjacent territory from transport.
  4. Playgrounds, comfortable benches and green spaces will “reign” on it. The developed infrastructure (shops, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.) will make you feel as comfortable as possible without leaving the residential complex.
  5. The availability of function rooms for clubhouse and BBQ pits is another advantage of living in Pasir Ris 8.

You like? Then it’s time to contact the sales department of the Allgreen and Kerry Properties to buy an apartment in a new building, which will become a real family nest.

5 arguments to buy housing in Pasir Ris 8 right now, without postponing the matter:

  1. A wide selection of apartments will satisfy everyone in terms of the quality of construction work, floor, number of rooms and other characteristics. A studio apartment for a couple in love or a talented young man? Please! 2-3 room housing for a family with children? No problem!
  2. Nearby Kindergarten will become a real salvation for families with kids: it will be almost under your windows – and no worries in turn in city preschool institutions!
  3. The spacious layout opens up ample opportunities for interior design – your apartment will have everything you need.
  4. Timely delivery of finished housing is one of the fundamental principles of the construction company, and the residential complex Pasir Ris 8 is no exception, therefore, having signed a purchase and sale agreement, you can safely plan a housewarming.
  5. A pleasant addition for those who purchase apartments in the residential complex will be inventory rooms where you can store your favourite bicycle, baby sleds, strollers or the world’s most delicious pickled cucumbers.

Therefore, Residential Complex Pasir Ris 8 will allow every sincere resident to feel family comfort and give a happy childhood to kids.

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