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Month: January 2021

How to choose the location for your photography session?

One of the points that almost everyone forgets when they are organizing a corporate photography session is the location. Thinking about where you are going to take your photos is a very important aspect as it will greatly condition the session.

A location, such as renting H2 photography studio, and the schedule will mark the light that the photographer will have and it deserves that we dedicate the necessary time.

Pro tip: light, location and time are almost as important as the photographer and the model

photoshoot studio rentalDepending on the available space, it may be necessary to have artificial light (spotlights or flashes) to improve the lighting or even to counteract very intense natural light. H2 Photography Studio offers photoshoot studio rental at affordable prices. You can hire them!

Today we bring you some tips that we usually apply when choosing locations for our photo sessions. Choose location according to the type of photography we are looking for! The first point before choosing a location is to know the type of photography we are looking for.

Thus, in a corporate portrait such as your Linkedin photo, the only thing that matters is the portrayed. We will look for a location with good lighting but without paying too much attention to the environment.

However, in a brand photography session (either personal brand or business lifestyle) we will use the environment and location to support and promote the image you want to convey to the world.

The photographer you choose will be able to advise you. It will help you choose a well-lit space with enough space to have a good session. But you always have to keep in mind that the final location must be aligned with your personality and brand image.

The simplest: localization for corporate portraits

The simplest location is the corporate portrait. For this type of photography, which you will use in your Linkedin profile or in the professional email signature, you are the center of attention.

Corporate portrait location

The best location for a corporate portrait is a smooth wall. We will simply look for a smooth wall in a well-lit area with enough space. This allows the photographer to take close-up or half-length photos.

The choice of wall color will also depend on the lighting and the model. Light backgrounds are preferable (and easier to come by), although photos with a ready-made background in your corporate color can work very well. The darker backgrounds or textures, accompanied by adequate lighting allow more artistic portraits corporate and personal.

Rent a studio

When your usual workspace is not a viable option, one of the best alternatives to do a corporate photography session is to rent a professional studio. Always read customer reviews on H2 Photography Studio to finalize the best decision.

It is a safe bet since you have enough space and also, in most cases, you have lighting and additional material (screens, flashes, etc.) for the session.

When thinking of a photo studio, many think of the typical black or white infinite background studio, which can be a bit cold. But the truth is that lately it is easier to find studios that have different backgrounds and low studio rental costs, with more personality and even with additional props and for photos.

It is not difficult to find sofas, computers or work tables that can give that point of personality to your corporate session

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Essentiality of Car Washing and Detailing

It is necessary to get your vehicle Detail & Car Wash by the professional. It will create several positive benefits in making the car look fresh and in order. If you desire to keep your vehicle in the pristine state, you may be interested in car detailing matters. It will help keep the value of the cab intact for several years. However, there is the primary difference in washing the car and detailing of the vehicle. When you have a car wash, you are mainly getting rid of the excess dirt, grime, and salt. In the way, you can remove the collected debris over the car.

Reasons for Car Detailing

Detail & Car WashIn matters of Detail & Car Wash, the main focus is given on the exterior part of the cab. The process also involves washing of the undercarriage and perfect cursory interior vacuuming. The aim of car detailing is to restore the vehicle’s sound condition to its original and best form. It is sure to make the vehicle appear new and unadulterated. Detailing the car is all about cleaning the vehicle absolutely to remove dust, dirt, grease, and grime that can damage the car’s condition.

Professional Methods of Car Detailing

It is the responsibility and duty of the professional and experienced automotive technician to do the car detailing. He makes use of a proven mechanism with the application of the perfect cleaning agents and tools needed in the process. As part of the detailing service, you have shampooing of the mat and car carpet. It would help if you also cleaned the upholstery and the seat. A car also needs to have the leather treatment and fabric protection and vacuuming of the trunk and car interior. Detailing of the vehicle includes custom wheel cleaning and perfect dressing of the tire.

More Things as part of Car Detailing

As part of the vehicle’s detailing and cleaning process, you can opt for headlight restoration, treatment of the car glass, and engine cleaning both in matters of Rental & Leasing. The car must go through wax protection and exterior polishing. In case you are using your vehicle for business, you need to have the best caring and concern for the car. It helps in the perfect restoration of the automobile with the right and possible treatments. You have the best benefits of auto detailing. Following the list, you can have the best care for the vehicle that you have in possession.

Detailing for Value Restoration

Car Rental & LeasingYou opt for auto detailing for the restoration of cab value for all Car┬áRental & Leasing. In the way, you get excellent value for money. As part of the process, you have attention to detail. You can have an excellent fuel economy and improved safety. Car detailing is the best way you can have proper protection of your investment. It is usual to invest a lot of money and time in the cab you have in possession. Regular detailing of the car can help increase the vehicle’s resale cost at the time of selling the same.

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