Culinary Masterpieces in Bukit Timah – What to eat

bannerbIn Singapore, there are so many establishments where you can eat the best Bukit Timah food. The options are really endless wheater you want to go to some of the fancy restaurants or just eat street food. So, why not to go on a gastronomic journey? Singaporeans are true experts of good cuisine, so it is not surprising that you can taste real culinary masterpieces. As a multinational state, Singapore is famous for its rich culinary heritage, which includes variations of dishes from four ethnic groups of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Thanks to the international character of Singapore, which absorbed the culture of the East and the West, you can find modern restaurants specialized in fusion cuisine, as well as timeless traditional restaurants of national cuisine – French, Italian, Mexican, Spanish and so on. But no matter how attractive the establishments are (there are quite a few among them that made are on the lists for the most prestigious ratings, including the Miele Guide restaurant guide), your experience with Singapore will not be completed without visiting the Cafes and street eateries. So, try what the locals eat, and treat yourself with inexpensive but unquestionably tasty dishes.

Do not limit your ventures just within the city and visit exotic places outside the metropolis.

Best Bukit Timah Food and Beverages

You should most definitely try some of the local dishes – try nasi lemak and Indian vegetable and fruit salad (rojak). For dessert, you can order guaca Melaka – ice cream made of avocado poured with palm sugar (Gula Melaka). Bukit Timah is a tropical area, so it is rich in fruits grown in neighboring countries. Therefore, fresh juices can be bought about everywhere! Did you know that if you mix avocado juice with milk, you will get real ice cream? ABC juice from beets, apples, and carrots is extremely popular. Also in any juice, you can ask to add sour soup. At almost any food court you will find Milo and Milo Dinosaur drinks. They served both cold and hot drinks. The taste reminds everyone of the famous “Nesquik”,  and it’s a perfect combination with spicy dishes. The only difference is that Milo Dinosaur is served with ice cream on the top.

Very popular drink Pearl Barley Limonade, which is considered as very beneficial for the kidneys and for various edema.

Of the alcoholic beverages, people prefer the Tiger Beer beer, which Bukit Timah considered their own, national, but on the island of Bukit Timah is mostly bought by tourists. The nightlife is bustling and you will find many different bars with first-class cocktails.

When choosing a cafe, restaurant or food court, make sure that it has the standard of cleanliness and quality A or B. The Singapore government ensures that island residents and tourists eat only high-quality and fresh food. So while picking your perfect spot choose it wisely, do not hesitate to ask someone for advice on where to eat the best Bukit Timah food.