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Month: April 2017

5 Important Tips for Organizing Moving Boxes

Plan your move

The equipment needed to make your moving boxes

  • The boxes: Take the time to choose each type of Cardboard Box Singapore corresponding to each object to be packed.
  • Adhesive tape is essential for sealing boxes. Choose it always according to the things to pack.
  • Bubble wrap or Shrink Wrap in Singapore is necessary for objects of great fragility. It protects your items from scratches. It absorbs shock better than a common wrapping paper.
  • A marker to write on the boxes, in order to better identify the objects to the packaging as to the unpacking.
  • Some linen to coat fragile objects such as towels and duvets. If you cover the objects, do not forget to write it on the box to avoid any unpleasant surprise when unpacking.
  • A pair of scissors is very useful for packaging and unpacking.
  • Stretch film: used to stabilize boxes and furniture. It can be used to pack pallets.
  • It is also necessary: willpower, vigilance, delicacy, endurance, enthusiasm, hands and time.


Where to find the equipment needed for the move?

Several options are available:

New moving equipment

If you are moving from city, you can find specialized stores selling boxes. You can also buy the necessary equipment on websites of movers. The equipment can be delivered to you quickly. This option is very useful because you will find boxes that are practical, adapted and easy to assemble.

Used moving equipment

You can use moving boxes already used by people you know. Alternatively, you can ask for boxes at the local grocery store or the SAQ. Several shops have different models of boxes and it is a pleasure for them to be able to recover them by giving them. This allows you to save on your moving expenses.

One thing you often forget: time!

Time is an important factor in the move. We move one day, we pack several days. It is therefore necessary to prepare your move in advance. As soon as you know you have to move, start boxing the items that will not serve you by then. This will allow you not to feel overwhelmed by the task and live a move without too much stress on D-Day.

A precondition not to circumvent: the sorting of affairs

When sorting, you always find something to give, sell or send for recovery. This is necessary to avoid carrying unnecessary things. You will feel lighter and can not only move more simply, but your move in will also be greatly facilitated.

Packaging techniques: what and how?

Glassware, porcelain and ceramics can be packed in newsprint. When they are hyper delicate, pack them one by one or two by two by superimposing them. The whole must go in a large and well identified box with the mention “FRAGILE”.Close boxes and tape from top to bottom, then left to right. Place labels on each box. Write down what it contains and the room where the objects it contains must be placed. This will simplify the layout and save you time.

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Car Camcorder: What is needed and what are they?

Car video camera comes in several forms. The most popular and widespread – the rear view camera. They greatly facilitate the daily life of the driver, regardless of whether seasoned professional or a beginner-makers.

With rear-view camera driver sees on the screen is what is on the machine and can exactly control the situation in the reverse direction. Activated rear view camera automatically, when reverse gear. Car rear view camera comes in two types: regular and universal. Established rear view camera are made directly to a specific model of the vehicle, mounted only in the place designated by the vehicle manufacturer.

Common standard camera installation place it handles the trunk opening and license plate illumination lights. Established rear view camera – is the best option choice of rear view camera. They do not spoil the appearance of the vehicle, hidden from prying eyes, combined with license plate illumination lamps provide good viewing angles and a high-quality image on the monitor.


If, by your model, there is no standard car alarm system Singapore, you can purchase and install a universal camera. A universal camera mounted in several ways: in the bumper, spoiler, in the frame of the vehicle license number.

The car camera recorders Singapore installation requires drilling, milling part. It greatly simplifies the task of installing the camera in the car. After installing the rear view camera on your car, going backward and reverse parking transformed into a safe and comfortable for the driver and surrounding the procedure.

In addition to the rear-view camera, there is the front-view camera. As a rule, they are installed in the car’s logo on the front of the bumper. A front view camera is used for fixed (non-removable) multichannel DVRs, providing all-round visibility around the vehicle.

There are two main types of DVR car – stand-alone and multi-channel. In the case of the first device is installed in one or several cameras, sensors and memory card. The main advantage of such devices – their low price and quick installation. It is these advantages have made this type of DVRs the most popular.

Viewing angle

This parameter defines the surrounding land area, is in the frame. The viewing angle ranges from 60-110 degrees, and 100 to 160 degrees diagonally. Optimal – from 80-90 degrees and 130 degrees diagonally. Too much angle will provoke a so-called effect of “fish-eye,” which we will discuss further, and too small viewing angle will not allow capturing the right road.

Specifications help us understand what the registrar to select in a given case. First and foremost,t it is worth paying attention to the resolution of the device. This value determines the number of elements of the bitmap, and this depends on the clarity of the image. In the future, this setting will affect the opportunity to prove their innocence, if the need to consider the fine video details. Today the market is the most common models of video recorders are devices with a resolution of 640×480, 1280×720, and 1920×1080.

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