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Month: March 2017

Simple Tricks to Help Your Law Firms Stay Competitive in the Market

Nowadays, more and more young attorneys have actually gone hungry and they keep competing for just about the same number of clients as they have always been. What has been a sore thumb for them are the cut-rate legal services which have hurt the firms badly who even used to skate by. So, in order to stay in this competitive market, what most of these firms need to do is mix their services up and offer something different in the market so that people get to know only about you, instead of the rest in the market. There are ways the firms can do it, and this can be made effective if the practices are made much more than what is expected.

Jeffrey Glassman has already had years of experience working as an associate in some of the renowned and reputed firms in the industry. He has undergone the change similar to the market and hence knows how it works. Hence he suggests of some tricks which might work for the law firms and young aspiring attorneys to gain some prominence in the market.

  • One of the most common areas where the local people are anxious is the charge in visiting the attorneys. It is the façade where most people believe that only the rich can reach out to the attorneys and gets the legal advice as and when needed since they keep charging high rates. Even some of the potential clients who might be well capable of paying the fees, especially with some kind of payment plan, might avoid calling the associates since they want to avoid calling as there are chances of being embarrassed, in hearing the quotes in person, and then rejecting it just because it might be out of their reach. Hence, one of the easiest ways to stay competitive in the market is to be completely real with the clients, even before they call up at the law firms. If there are flat fee structures, just post those on your website or at several social networking sites along with how many flat fees are all separate types of cases. This will indeed help the clients get the idea and reach out with much flexibility.

  • Most of the firms are actually very slow about adopting the latest research works and developments that have been done regarding the search engine optimization. For a vast majority of the local legal firms, maximum clients will be coming from people who are doing the searches on the local search engines. Hence, make yourself visible on the Web. There are digital marketing companies who are there to provide you similar services and that too at affordable rate. Google is the next generation Encyclopedia. The sooner the forms realize it, the better their business gets the boost.

Legal service is something that is not meant strictly for the privileged class, believes Jeffrey Glassman. But the problem lies in people not finding the right one who could help them out. Not just the public, even the legal firms must put some effort and hunt deep into several strata of society and get new clients for them.

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Self Drive in Kangaroo Island 

Self Drive in Kangaroo Island 

” To adventure is to find yourself whole ”


Having an adventurous moment once in your life is something precious that can never be replaced. When you’re surrounded by a beautiful nature and breathtaking landscape, there is no wrong on grabbing your keys and take your car, for a self-driving journey at Kangaroo Island.

With 1,600 kilometers of road, Kangaroo Island has plenty of attractions to explore. With its widespread area , there are lots of activities that you can do. Indulge yourself in a secluded beach, as you watch the sun sets down on the horizon, take an overlook on diverse species of wildlife, or simply just set up camp for the night to stargazing the stars in the sky.

To begin your journey, there are several breathtaking road trips routes that you can choose as your need. Going with Southern Ocean route is a great start ahead. It is a wonderful six-day adventure where you can have your authentic experiences at these highlighted places below.

1. Blue Lake, Robe Obelisk and Long Beach

Make your first visit to the Blue Lake as your perfect opening for the road-trip. Located near the Mount Gambier, Blue Lake is a large crater lake with a spectacular view. Famous for its vibrant cobalt blue color, especially during December – March period, it is a good place to take wonderful pictures.

After visiting the Blue Lake, head your car to the Robe Obelisk and Long Beach. As it is said from its name, Robe Obelisk and Long Beach are a large area of coastline, surrounded by stunning cliffs and big waves. Don’t forget to pay a visit to its iconic obelisk that was built in 1852, which placed at the top of the cliff to helping the ships to arrive safely at the bay.

2. Coonawarra Wine Region

Not everything about Southern Ocean route is related to nature. If you’re a wine-lover, then visiting Coonawarra Wine Region is a must thing to do. Coonawarra is famous for producing premium quality of red wine. Their products of wine have been well-known around the world. Do some wine-tasting event in here and you will not regret to have a taste of most delicious wine in the world.

3. Jack Point Pelican Observatory

Located in Coorong National Park, Jack Point Pelican Observatory is a spot for you to catch a glimpse of the pelican wildlife. Follow the trail to the viewing shelter, as you will be able to see lots of plant types with information signs. It is an informative place to visit and a good way to make yourself closer to nature.

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