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Month: January 2017

Audio Visual Aids For Better Marks

Many students find certain subjects to be so boring that they do not wish to study for the examination at all. This is often harmful for their academic career, their grades suffer and they fail to comprehend the subject completely. This aversion towards the subject stays with them for a very long time and in most cases, it lasts for life!

The advent of The Great Courses

Now, when it comes to education and learning, The Great Courses today is a boon to many students. Thomas Rollins is the Founder of The Great Courses and he says as a student he had a similar aversion to a very important subject that he was to take for an examination. The aversion was so deep that he never wanted to study the subject as it was very boring for him. Luckily, he found 10 video tapes of the subject made by an esteemed professor and watched them the night before the examination. The good news is that on watching these videos, he actually started to like the subject and understood it well. He appeared for the examination and scored an “A” in it. This personal experience created a deep impact and years later he created the Thomas Rollins Teaching modules that are known as The Great Courses today!

Motto of the Great Courses

The Great Courses has the sole motto of helping students enjoy the subjects they learn in a different manner. Classroom instruction and teaching depends upon the teacher. Some make them very interesting and some make the same subject so boring that students do not even wish to study them at all. The experts at The Great Courses take great care in making subject videos by exceptionally popular teachers in the educational field today. These teachers make the audio- visual videos. The sessions are lively and very insightful. The best part of The Great Courses videos are that you get a lifelong satisfaction guarantee that is 100 percent. This means you can learn any subject without the boredom of classroom teaching.

Learn at your own pace

When it comes to classroom teaching, it is seen that you cannot repeat any lesson you did not understand. The teacher has a syllabus to complete and if you are lucky and there is time, revisions later may or may not be taken up. However, in the case of audio visual aids you will find that you have the opportunity to watch the tape again. In this way, you study at your own pace and can get the understanding you need for the subject.

The Thomas Rollins Teaching modules makes learning fun and an adventure. With these modules, you effectively are able to study in an exciting way. The subject modules are available online and you may download them on your personal computer. The experts here recommend that you should have sufficient space before you begin the downloading process. There are several videos for you to choose from and all you need to do is download them and enjoying the learning process!

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Effective ways to protect your website

The world has witnessed a remarkable boom in form of technological advancements. Consequently, it opens many doors for business owners, learners, buyers, and more. However, everything comes with a drawback and this technological spike is not an exception. Although digitalization made life simpler for all but there are corrupted hackers who spread viruses to steal information from your website. In addition to electronic theft, hackers may destroy your records, data, and spoil your reputation.

It’s tough to undo the damage done by the Malware virus without a professional web security assistant like SiteLock. Since there is SiteLock Scam available in the market you have to be extra cautious to choose the right protection for your website. Here are some tips to protect your site from the hackers.

  • Stay updated: Don’t ignore any sign of hacking threat and that’s why you need to stay updated about all the running activities on your site.

  • Ensure tight security: If you are running your business online you need to offer tight security option for your customers. From admin to the operation of your site and from transaction to password setting, everything has to be secured with double-layered protection. You can also add a limit to login attempts, password resets, and more. Fix login expiry time and make password change compulsory in a certain interval.

  • Limit file upload: File upload is one of the major concerns. A hacker gets the access to your site even if you have multiple system checks. It’s better if you can prevent the access to any uploaded files.

As most people have no idea about website security and that’s why it’s better for them to rely on professional service provider like SiteLock.

Benefits that you can get from SiteLock:

Resources from SiteLock are extremely knowledgeable and they have experience coupled with training to ensure tight security for your website. Hiring them will help you get rid of any malicious obstacles.

SiteLock offers a wide range of security products with different functions. From detecting the viruses to scanning and removal are guaranteed with them. But don’t get trapped by choosing a SiteLock scam product.

A web application Firewall is an effective protection for your precious website. SiteLock’s TrueShield web application Firewall is meant to protect your hard-work from malevolent traffic and also blocks harmful contents and requests. Once installed, you will get your peace of mind back by blocking the hackers’ attempts.

SiteLock SMART is a perfectly designed product to detect and remove the Malware from your page. It is used for web scanning to check on vulnerabilities like SQLI and XSS to name a few.

SiteLock also offers an exclusive protection for their clients with SiteLock INFINITY. It scans the site multiple times and detects the susceptibilities and takes no time to remove Malware from the website.

This cloud-based security provider is the most reliable solution for their countless clients. Once installed, you can rest assured with the website security.

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