Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Can Impress Recipients


Corporate gift giving is already a tradition these days that almost all companies all over the world make it a point to give away corporate gifts online Singapore both for branding and recognition purposes. However, the trend tends to shift to using eco-friendly items rather than the usual non-renewable items made of plastics or those that contribute to the degradation of the environment.

Now, why not go with the flow and make a statement by shifting to environment friendly corporate gifts? Well, you will be surprised of the choices. Look below to find ideas:

Organic Apparel Items

Apparel items that are made of organic cotton are highly renewable. Why opt for giving out clothes made of organic cotton? Take note that shirts appeal to almost everyone – adult women, men, teens, children and the elderly. Plus, printing your company name, logo or anything you want to be included in the shirt is so easy.

You may not only stick to basic tees, but also choose from other apparel pieces like hoodies, polo shirts, caps and robes among others. There are tons of hues to pick from and these items are generally lightweight and made out of safe materials. Imagine so many people wearing your products with your company details on it. It is incredible, right?

Notebooks and Other Stationery

Why not make good use of recycle paper? Many companies these days give items like eco –friendly notebooks, post-its, bookmarks, calendars, planners and other pieces made of paper.

The great thing with choosing paper is that it is highly usable – it is a necessity. Just imagine this: students, working professionals, housewives and even the elders make use of paper to write letters, plan their activities and conduct business among others.

Hence, having your company logo, name and message printed on any of these recycled paper giveaways really makes sense.

Eco Friendly Bags

Eco-friendly reusable bags are highly in demand these days. Thus, it is a great idea to give away such item. These days, a lot of department and grocery stores promote using organic bags instead of using plastics to contain the purchased items. In fact, even major clothing lines have joined the bandwagon.

So, choose a bag that can be imprinted with your company name and logo. The recipients will surely love it and use it each time they visit the stores. Apart from tote bags that can be used when shopping, you may also expand the variety by going for eco-friendly messenger bags, backpacks and lunch bags among others. The more likely the recipient will use your corporate gift, the better.

Tools and Other Miscellaneous Items

Basically, the choices are endless, and the top corporate gifts supplier Singapore can certainly help you with your needs regardless of your budget and preferences. For instance, you may opt for items like eco-friendly yoyo for the kids, or something like card holders for those who want something to organize their plastic cards.

There are also eco-friendly corporate gifts for those who want some handy tools – choose from mini screwdriver and torch among others.