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Month: December 2015

The common sense users need to know about Environmental test chambers-part2

3)temperature uniformity

When the temperature is stable, the maximum of temperature average value’ different of two arbitrarily point in  work space. The index is more suitable to check the core technology of products than the temperature departure  index, so many enterprises are deliberately conceal this item for sample and scheme.  Usually, the standard index is ≤2℃.  But objectively speaking, clean high temperature test chamber is request to keep the uniformity ≤2℃ when  the  temperature reach to above 200℃, in fact that is uneconomic to customers

4) temperature deviation

After the temperature is stable, the difference between the average value of center point in work space and the  average value of other point in any time interval. Although old and new standard have the same identification and  appellation to this index, the examination has kinda changed, the new standard is more real and strict, while the  check time is shorter.

Usually, the standard index is ±2℃, high temperature chamber can use ±2% when the temperature reach to above  200℃.

In the taiwan index, there are no temperature uniformity and deviation as mainland of China called,  they named it as distribution uniformity of temperature, sample index are ±0.5℃、±1℃、±1.5℃ etc.

cheap test chamber









5) temperature change rate

This is an index to check the volume of product’s configuration.

Generally, for customers that have no demand on temperature change, it’s ok to mainly understand the time

from  room temperature to extreme low-temperature.

For those tests that request temperature change, the simplest way for customers is to sign tech agreement when  ordering environmental test chambers. And when sign the agreement, you must know the loading test at first, then,  list the volume, size, weight, basic material constitute and temperature deviation etc. index, and other  test standards related to the temp spots, procedure description and temperature changing graphs from beginning to the end. By  doing this, you can trustingly order laboratory ovens products.


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Home Health Care Services for the Elderly

Home health care services have been a great help for many people especially the elderly population and their families. The elderly are very fragile and may fall or get hurt anytime without someone to take care of them. Thus, it would be brilliant to hire a personal care giver in order to have peace of mind knowing that they are safe and under good care. But then, it would also be a wonderful thing if they will be allowed to exercise independence while enjoying the comforts of their home – this is home care is all about.


Home caregivers are actually certified to render care in homes 24/7 depending on the clients’ requirements. The great thing with hiring a home care staff is that you can have the assurance of having someone to look after your parents, or grandparents perhaps in case of your absence. In home care providers can deliver different kinds of services to the elderly like the following:


Among the major concerns of the elderly population is getting that sense of belongingness. Home care givers have the ability to show sympathy and compassion to them in an environment that they will be most comfortable with. Thus, the elderly client will enjoy the goodness of life and would most likely find joy in doing simple activities like reading, walking in the park or visiting family and friends.

Home Maintenance

Home care staff may also assists the elderly in terms of home making. This covers things that are related to home maintenance like housekeeping, bill checks, preparing meals, laundry, grocery shopping and gardening among others.

Assistance in transportation and errands may also be included, such as accompanying the elderly to family reunions, appointment to the doctor, travel in and out of the country among others.

Comfortable Aging

A great percentage of the elderly population suffers from degenerative conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. With a competent home care giver, an elderly can age in safety and comfort. You just have to ensure that the one you will hire have the experience and necessary training in handling such patients.

Among the things the in home care giver must be able to provide to the patient are the following: grooming assistance, meal assistance, safety measures and more.  Reminding the patient on taking the required medications is also part of this job. In this case, the best interest of the clients is the highest priority.

Nursing Services

Home nurses Singapore may also be employed at home to deliver RN services. This includes, but not limited to the following: post-surgery care, palliative care, cancer support management etc. The process of care involve planning, intervening and evaluating the nursing care rendered and relying the information gathered to the physician and the rest of the health care team.

Most elderly patients also require assistance in terms of feeding so that they can get hold of the nutrition they need. At times, they might be subjected to tube feeding, and if this is the case, a qualified RN must be there to perform the job. Caregivers may also perform such given proper training.

Home health care services are definitely of great aid to the all senior home care Singapore. No wonder, a lot of people these days are using such services.

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China Wholesale Watches

Watches are popular items for people to wear all around the world. They come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors and more. A watch is a very personal item, and everyone has different tastes. Most of the people have more than one watch, because they could pair different watches with different outfits for any occasion.

China Wholesale Watches.jpg_220x220

You could buy the watches from a physical store or from the internet. In fact, you will find many of the watches in your local retail store originated from China wholesale. As we all know, China has the world’s largest watch industry.The average cost of wholesale watches from China is significantly lower than other countries in the world.Therefore, China watches wholesale is constantly on the increase in recent year.

There are three main categories of watches: mechanical watches, radio-controlled watches and digital watches.Within these categories you can find: wrist watches, quartz watches, fashion watches, sport watches, pocket watches, LCD watches, antique watches, cartoon watches, multifunctional watches and more.According to the user, they can be divided into women’s watches, men’s watches and kid’s watches. Among of them, men’s watches in china wholesale takes the most percentage.

As the rapidly growing of internet, one of the best ways to buy wholesale watches is with the help of the Internet. There are a number of online businesses which you’ll be able to purchase wholesale watches. In addition, you may find sellers on sites that offer wholesale watches. China watches industry grows very well and the watches made by China factory can assure the quality. Besides, China wholesalers try to keep up-to-date with different fashions and designs around the world so you can always find the latest watch styles from watches wholesale.

Watches are a good product to import because they are small and usually very lightweight, you can import a lot of watches in a small container while the sea freight is inexpensive.And accordingto customs records, the quantity of men’s watches in china wholesale is the most in all the type of watches.

Once you decide to wholesale watches from China, then it’s easy enough to do from the comfort of your own home! First of all, you should confirm the type of watches you are interested in buying. You can visit some website or read some fashion magazine to understand the latest informationon watches such as what kinds of types, colors and designs are popular and best sold in these days.

Second, research the wholesalers you’re considering doing business with. Many large China wholesalers have their own websites where you can view their products and make orders. Ask questions about pricing, minimum quantity orders and shipping concerns. Be sure you’re clear about the return and exchange policies of the various men’s watches in china wholesale. As long as you decide the wholesaler you want to collaborate, everything will get easy. You only need to do the things as per the standard procedure. If you plan on buying large quantities of watches, always request a sample product to view first.

Finally, after the sample confirmed, you can choose your wholesale watches and pay. And you can start your watches business now.

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