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Chase Rubin Highlights The Importance Of Planning In Real Estate Business


Planning has become a considerable part in the development of varied kind of real estate properties whether the commercial or residential ones. It actually forms the base of any property as the real estate developers concentrate mainly upon the exteriors and interior designing of the property so as to increase its value. The stress is laid from the very foundation of the property till it gets complete and is ready for usage. In this event, before taking up any property in the respective city, Chase Rubin states that the clients should take an advice from the professionals.

Why is planning the key consideration?

The planning for any property is a key point for the engineers, urban planners and the architects who take every step seriously as they know the infrastructure can only get approved with the influential and concrete designs. Chase Rubin states that the planning process of the property can be a part of building layouts, road walks, sidewalks etc. which is a necessity of any commercial or residential project.

In this regard, there are many considerable points which a person has to take under consideration before letting it out to the investors or individuals for a residential purpose. Some of the points are explained here:-

  • The foremost point for planning is to make it in a livable condition for the residential investors and the commercial investors too if they want to occupy the property for the official purpose.

  • The property should be made in such a way that whether the transportation should be included in the property designing or whether it is just open for the pedestrians only and private vehicles.

  • For increasing the value of the property, it is mainly seen that the artifacts or aesthetic designing can be brought into the scene. This not only helps in improving the quality of the property but the value also increases with the big broad gardens, swimming pool and even as the Go Green concept is being introduced that also can be of relevant importance.

  • It is also important for both the planners and real estate developers to work hand in hand while building a specific property. This will be of great help since a bigger area related to the construction of the property can be covered and not only the designing or its construction.

Helps in building clients and reputation

Chase Rubin believes that planning is a key to success and building the reputation of any client in the real estate business. Proper planning of the property also attracts the clients as they will get what is being expected out of a particular property and this will also help in increasing clients and the value of the property. It is also seen that if the planner and the real estate developer both are working hands in hands then there will no chaos and they can also give a great look to the property. In fact, the main aim of every professional is to provide their clients with best of property.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the relevant planning, one can offer great properties at relevant prices.

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Effective Communication Skills For Real Estate


The real estate business involves interacting with people and it is imperative for a real estate agent to have effective communication skills in order to assist his/her client to either sell or purchase an ideal real estate property. In fact, the ability to communicate effective with various parties involved in a real estate deal is the backbone behind the success of a competent real estate agent and can effectively make or break a real estate deal.

Peter Medlyn is a prominent real estate real from Knoxville, Tennessee in America who stands out among the crowd for his exceptional communication skills that has been a catalyst in his success in this highly competitive market. He has been in the real estate business for a number of years and has a vast experience of the prevailing conditions in the market. Along with his amicable nature, his ability to listen and interpret his clients’ messages especially when they cannot express their needs in realty terms goes a long way in assisting his clients to buy their dream homes or sell their property at lucrative prices. His unique communication skills as a real estate agent also help him to secure the trust and assurance of his clients and those around him in such real estate deals.

According to Mr. Medlyn, a person aspiring to be a successful real estate agent needs to have good listening skills. He says that communication not only implies the effectively imparting information to clients and other people but also the ability to receive information from them. A competent real estate agent needs to ask their clients relevant and concise questions, then listen carefully, and interpret the information their clients are telling to him/her. Some of the questions that real estate agent ask their clients relate to their personal finances and kind of property these clients want to buy and sell.

Mr. Medlyn emphasizes that regardless of how effective a real estate agent is as a communicator he/she cannot assist to his/her clients unless they provide him/her with all relevant information he/she needs. To be a competent real estate agent, an aspirant needs know how to extract this information from his/her clients asking key questions on relevant topics that his/her clients may not be comfortable like questions on their financial situation. However, the clients may nevertheless answer such questions to assist the real estate agent to help them find the ideal real estate property or to sell their current property.

Mr. Medlyn goes on to explain that it is imperative for the real estate agent to ask questions about the period within which their clients would like to buy or sell their property and amount of down payment available to them. The question may also relate to whether or not the clients are first-time buyers and about other amenities like schools, shopping and transport facilities in the neighborhood.

Peter Medlyn says a real estate agent also needs effective communication skills when dealing with other parties involved in a real estate deal apart from his/her clients. The ability of a real estate agent to effective and calmly communicate his/her way through obstacles in closing financial negotiations in real estate deal benefits all the parties involved.

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